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Transforming preschools in South Africa

They didn’t have to go back. 5 years ago Heather and Jenny from the OC Africa team agreed to assist a short-term team from the States with a 3-day preschool education workshop in an informal settlement far south of Soweto called Finetown. What started out as one of those South African “one and done” kind of ministry experiences has led to almost 40 workshops. Heather explains how this happened… “When we finished our preschool workshop and the short-term team was about to move on to their next ministry location, I asked the teachers and principals if they would want Jenny and me to return to facilitate another workshop. Since we were resident mission workers, we could come back. We didn’t have to return. Jenny and I had fulfilled our mandate for the week. However, it was apparent that the training we had done had been helpful and, even more so, it had been appreciated. That core group of principals affirmed our work and asked us to come back again. And we did, again, and again, and again.”


“Every workshop begins with a devotional message and word of encouragement. We are pleased to say that the majority of Finetown preschools that we have worked with through the years are implementing the strategies and stories we’ve shared. Their little schools have transformed and grown into healthy, fun, child-centered learning environments! We praise the Lord for the opportunity!”

“Thank you for praying for the children, teachers, and principals of the Finetown area. Thank you for donating tables, chairs, blankets, board books, school supplies, and assisting with our workshop costs through the years. It has been our absolute joy to serve this precious community and learn more about life in southern Africa from the perspective of those living and working in an informal settlement. It’s been an invaluable education for us all! Thank you for sharing in our five fabulous years in Finetown!”

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