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Courageously training church leaders in Nepal

Thungjamo tells his story of how he started training church leaders in Nepal. He is a pastor from Nagaland, sent to Nepal by the OC India Mobilization Center:

Here is a transcript of his video story…

“I am Thungjamo, from Nagaland, working in Nepal.

“Now what we do … there are 75 districts in Nepal, 14 zones, and 5 regions. So what we have planned was, now we come as a team. What we planned was, well if we can start first contacting some important church leaders in Nepal, building relationships first, so that through them, because I was not known by the Nepali pastors. I need to be recognized and need to be accepted first. But I was new to them. And so we thought we should first develop/build up a friendship, relationship with the key leaders of Nepal. So by the end of 2001 I should know at least 5 key church leaders of Nepal, through whom I can start planning this pastor’s conference. That really help. That was the beginning.

It was difficult to go to all the 75 districts but 14 zones, so my focus was on the 14 zone pastor’s conferences. By the end of 2010 I should have organized at least 10 zone interdenominational pastor’s conferences. Thank God that by this year we have already organized 9 zone pastor’s conferences and through that we have trained 1817 pastors/church leaders across Nepal.

“One day we went to one district called Gorkha… We interview the pastors, how they were leading the churches. They said, well we only lead them in singing and praying together …we do not know how to read the Word of God. We do not know how to preach, but we lead them in singing and praying together. And this is how churches are coming up. So we realize oh then, we need to train the pastors in the rural areas. We should train them.

So we went to Gorkha district 2 times then the 3rd one was Udayapur District. I had not heard about this district but 2 Nepali pastors guided us. We first went by bus. It took us 15 hours by bus and then when we reach the last stop of the bus, we had to get out from the bus and walk. The Nepali pastors said it is not too far. (For them it was not too far.) So we started walking down and up and down the rocky mountains …woh it was so tiring. All together it took us 6 ½ hours to get to the venue of the conference…the village.



“You know from the top of the mountain, the broken pieces of soil kept on falling down. You cross the road …it took us 5 feet to cross a portion. There is nothing to be held. This side is a no. If you look down it is too high down below. And such a big slip of stone. Once your foot miss, you’re finished. Because there is nothing you can hold…either left or right. When we were there we were told that 2 men fell down and died on this road. I stop. Should I go back? Going back by myself. It is dark. Can I go back, all of the 5 hours walk? Should I go back? When I look down, too high down, the cliff. If I fall then I’m finished. And then I stopped and I asked God what to do. Then the thought came and the thought was ok. For the sake of Christ, let me cross. For the sake of Christ, let me cross. Just one foot enough to place. God lead us through.

“We were there for 3 nights after reaching the venue. I could not sleep. Then I asked the Nepali pastors, can there be another way to get home? They said yes yes but 2 days …you’ll have to walk 2 days and the road will be almost the same. 2 days… and no communication. I could not talk to my wife. No network in the village. But do you know what? When we got there, they were so thirsty, so hungry for the Word of God. During that conference 9 young men and women were baptized. And those new converts, they had built church buildings. They were waiting for us to dedicate those 2 church buildings. So we dedicated those 2 church buildings. But we felt so encouraged in the midst of all these fears. We felt so encouraged seeing the readiness of the hearts of the people there.

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