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Touch the World through Prayer

Russ, who has served OC in Romania for 15 years, reflects on the special power of prayer. Russ writes: “As I have been in regular contact with Christian workers from around the world during the past few months, I have noticed how frequently the subject of prayer comes up, usually in the context that it is so essential to the work of God’s kingdom and that realizing this we need to be much more devoted to prayer.

Touch the World Through Prayer“This observation reminded me of a book written by Wesley Duewel, Touch the World through Prayer. When I first read the book about 20 years ago, I was struck by the boundless reach of prayer.”

Excerpt from the book

Here are some excerpts* from the first chapter of that book, reminding all of us of the power of prayer:

‘God has a wonderful plan by which you can have world-wide influence…’

‘Through prayer you can accompany any mission worker to remote regions of the earth…Through prayer you can contribute to the ministry of any pastor or evangelist in a church or gospel hall anywhere in the world…Through prayer you can touch a fevered brow in any hospital, mediating the healing love of Jesus…’

‘God has given you a way to make your presence count, a way to be a true partner in His kingdom’s work if you really want to be…He has planned for ordinary Christians like you and me to become mighty in prayer for the blessing and salvation of people and the reaping of Christ’s harvest among the nations today…’

(*Excerpts from Touch the World through Prayer, pages 11-12, by Wesley Duewel)

Russ says: “Since Duewel wrote in 1986, there are so many more ways to be informed of prayer needs. Today we have Facebook, Twitter, email, and the Internet. These can be used to keep “fresh” needs for prayer before us. I have discovered websites like and which offer relevant prayer needs for nations, persecuted believers, and world crises. The technology and information available today makes it much easier to ‘touch the world through prayer’ ̶ if we choose to do so.”

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  • Sneha says:

    I am reading this book from past two week’s , i feel so abundantly blessed and i am speechless. This book has guided me in many ways like , how to read the Bible , how to pray and has also encouraged me through my ups and down and many trials and difficulties.

    ‘Touch The World Through Prayer’ , this book was gifted to my mother , maybe in late 1990’s. But she never made any effort to read it. And accidentally i feel myself to be fortunate for having such a beautiful masterpiece , which has encouraged me a lot.
    May God bless Wesley L. Duewel and his Ministry.

    My continuous prayer will be with all of you and the people who have contributed to forward this book.

    Thank you.

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