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Motorcycle morning with CMA in Brighton, England

cma4_300pxWith over 70,000 members in 32-plus countries, the Christian Motorcycle Association is the largest “two-wheel enthusiast” organization in the world reaching people for Christ. At Ace Café Brighton, the Sussex branch of CMA UK gathered in the wind, with a bit of sunshine, to share testimonies, biker Bibles and make themselves available to the people passing, enjoying the day dedicated to the biker world.

Among the Sussex branch of the CMA are Steve and Renée Grubb, OC mission workers in the U.K. Steve and Renée have a wide range of ministry, including member care for OC people in Europe and young adult ministry in their local parish, but they also serve as members of the CMA. They joined soon after moving to England and saw the organization as a combination of their loves of motorcycling and reaching people in Christ’s name.


As the crowds gathered on the Brighton seaside, member of the association Bob said he doubted he would see anyone make a decision for Christ that day but that didn’t matter; their job was to be available and willing because it’s the Holy Spirit that brings people to Christ, not an individual. It’s the association’s job to plant the seeds and be ready to share if the Lord does indeed bring someone to them that wants to make a commitment.

No decisions were made at the CMA tent that blustery Sunday morning, but planted seeds may grow. Along with Steve and Renée, the group will be at it again at the next biker event, ready and willing to share the Good News with anyone who asks.


Here are some video highlights from this event:

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  • Mary Anne Mulder says:

    What a great idea for motorcyclists to form a Christian association. A unique outreach I would guess.

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