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Africa: What Lies Ahead (Video)

OC’s Africa Area Director Barbosa shares about what lies ahead for Africa, especially exciting movements:

Video Transcript
“What excites me the most in Africa, is because Africans are concerned about the evangelization of the least evangelized peoples around the world. There is that sense in the heart of Africans that it is time for the African continent to raise up and to take a bigger role in the world evangelization.

“Today we find African everywhere. Four out of the 10 biggest evangelical churches in London are made out of Africans, are led by Africans. There is this deep desire to help to re-evangelize the Old Continent. There is a huge desire to join in the harvest of North Africa. The dream of the South is to go North. Not just to travel. Not just to do tourism. But to bring what only those who know the Truth, those who know the Life can bring to the North African.

“There is this big desire to spread the wings across the continent; go into the least evangelized people groups and tell them that our time has come. Orality [reliance upon the spoken, rather than written, word for communication] is a big thing right now. Discipleship make movements is a big thing right now. Saturation church planting has been talked all over. Church planting movements have been implemented in several people groups. Why? Because nobody’s doing that by themselves.

mani_logo“The coalitions, the networks like the Movement of African Initiatives (MANI) [] are putting people together to talk, to dream, to cross pollinate, and to help one another accomplish the task. What is important is not just Africans working for the Africans’ sake but Africans showing the world that God is alive in our midst, is Africans working together with Africans to express the vibrancy of the church in that continent.

“What excites me? Is just to sit behind, sit back, and see how God brings people together, help them to network, help them to see that they are valuable, help them to see that they can do it. And you know what? Tons of people are coming into the Kingdom of Life. Hundreds of churches people planted. Thousands of neighborhoods with small Bible study groups as a beacon of light for the society where they live in. This is exciting. For that, I’m willing to die for.”

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