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Loving the Other: Ministering in our Multicultural City

Have you ever wondered how to reach out to your neighbors, especially as people from all around the world are moving into our local neighborhoods? Bob Rasmussen (OC-USA’s director) and Daniel Dow of Seattle have developed a course Ministering in a Multicultural World with a focus on our cities and the many and varied peoples that live in them now. God has brought the world to our doorstep, but we often are unaware of how we might engage our new neighbors. This course equips local believers to see and to interact with them.

Colorado Springs sessions
The course is being adapted in Colorado Springs under the name, Loving the Other: Ministering in our Multicultural City. The core team planning the course is multi-organizational, involving Steve Spaulding and Hank and Cathy Pott of OC, as well as gifted members of the YWAM’s local Y360 team and First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs.


Leaders from various mission agencies and churches that have a heart for Colorado Springs will be the weekly teachers. In the final week, teams will find new avenues to reach into our city as well as joining in with projects already underway to find the lost and help the found. The seven-week course subjects include:

  • God’s heart for the nations
  • Understanding other cultures
  • Who are our neighbors?
  • Race & Reconciliation
  • Making friends across cultures
  • Sharing your faith across cultures
  • Multicultural church & mission: what’s next?


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