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A God Thing in Uganda

OC’s Daniel Brandel traveled on a two-month trip for Sports Ambassadors in the summer of 2013 to Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. Daniel says: “The Holy Spirit gave me strength and insight—and 38+ souls entered the Kingdom of Heaven. Many doors were opened and much mentoring went on. The plans for 2014 are to go to Liberia in March, Uganda in April, and Mongolia in July. Pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit in each situation.”

Here are some video highlights of his trip to Uganda…

Reflecting back on the trip to Uganda, Daniel says: “I am continually amazed at the little things that God will assist us in. This local team had made arrangements to use Life Church’s facilities on a weekly basis. The pastor and youth pastor had been looking for a way to make a spiritual connection/impact on this basketball team, but felt inadequate. We agreed to come back and run a basketball clinic for the team. It was the late in the afternoon, and we came to run the basketball clinic at Life Church. I was getting tired of the routine, being alone on this trip and from being away from home. So before the clinic I said a little prayer to tell God I had no energy and that God would have to do it.

We started the basketball clinic and then the Lord took over. When I shared a basketball principle, I was able to integrate biblical principles in that lesson. For example, as I was talking about the importance of being focused and paying attention, I was able to insert the story of Peter walking on the water. brandelsa1_300pxOnce his attention was off of Christ and shifted to his circumstance, he no longer was able to walk on the water. We need keep our focus on Jesus Christ no matter what we do. One of my partners in ministry while I was there was a young evangelist named Hermeline. He closed up the basketball clinic with an invitation, and 9 out of the guys accepted Christ as their personal Savior. They are being followed up on a weekly basis in that local church.” Praise God.

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Prayer requests

Daniel has stepped out in faith to go into full-time mission work with Sports Ambassadors, with Calvary Baptist Church as his sending church. “Going out by faith is like going through the “Trust Fall” team-building exercise,” says Daniel. “Except it is a daily thing of letting go and letting God. It is one thing to do it one time in front of everybody watching and daily no one watching. Please pray that God will continue to bring people and churches alongside us to partner with us.

Your prayers are what lift us up daily. All these trips and ministry opportunities and salvation of souls were made possible by your generous partnerships. Please continue to pray that God will be pre-eminent in everything we do, and that follow up will take place in each situation.”

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