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Tine Hardeman: Leap of Faith

Sometimes when we are called, we are called for the long haul. Tine and Jan Hardeman serve at Faith Academy in Manila, Philippines, where they have coached, mentored and led many young people to the Lord for over 50 years. They raised four children in Manila, two of which currently live there.

Tine with the team

Tine and Jan’s daughter-in-law, Robin, works at the International School of Manila, which often competes with Faith in sporting events. A couple of months back, a student of Robin’s asked why the gym at Faith had the same last name as hers. She proceeded to share about Tine and his testimony and subsequently scheduled a time for this young man and some of his friends to interview Tine for a class project. This one-hour interview eventually led to a full video project. They spent time at Faith interviewing Tine and many people impacted by him, and put together a short documentary of his story.

Tine back in the day

A large part of Tine’s heart is for evangelism. Every team that completes with Faith meets with Tine before the game so he can share the Good News and pray for them. He did not treat his time with these young men differently; he shared the gospel with them. “Even though I had shared the Good News with them, I decided to challenge them about their personal relationship with Jesus. Four of the five said they were Catholic Christians, but had no idea what really makes you a born again Christian. The fifth said he didn’t believe in anything!” Tine says. “So I led them through I John 5:11-13 and helped them see that only Jesus in our hearts can make us children of God. As I closed in prayer I gave them the opportunity to ask Jesus to forgive their sins and invite Him into their hearts.”

Tine explained how we all start spiritually immature in our Faith and we need spiritual food (the Bible) to grow. “I invited them to enroll in a Bible correspondence course that would help them grow in their new relationship with Christ. All of them took the course to study!” Tine says.

couple250pxThe Lord answers pray in unexpected ways as Robin has prayed for way to reach the community at ISM for Christ. Robin now has the opportunity to walk with these young men in their budding faith that began with a video project.

The fruit is evident and the Lord will continue to use his servants Tine and Jan. They will continue to serve in the Philippines until the Lord calls them home, whether it is their earthly or eternal one.

Please watch the video made by students from the International School of Manila below and hear a little about Tine’s journey to the Philippines and the impact Tine and Jan Hardeman have made on the Faith community.

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  • Lewis Richey says:

    Hi, Mr. Hardeman! I am Lewis Richey. I started to Faith Academy in 1959 and graduated in 1969. During that time you discipled me in many areas that have affected my life to this day. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a godly model for me to follow. At present I pastor a church in California. I have served as a mission worker in Panama and Costa Rica for a total of 18 years. The church I now pastor is multi-lingual and multi-cultural. God bless you.

  • Russ Fischer says:

    I have prayed for you both since I first met you at Mount Hermon. You played a large part in my love for missions when you came and stayed with us and spoke at our missions conference. I did get to have lunch with you many years ago when you were home on furlough, I still get the OC letters each month to remind me of what your needs are so I can pray effectively. God Bless. Russ

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