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Teaching a Seminar for Pastors in Cuba

Training pastors and leaders can look a variety of ways: it can be training in church planting, outreach development but sometimes it’s training of the self—self: management and self-care. One Challenge works in all of these areas, by on a recent trip to Cuba, OC worker Ric, who oversees the work of One Challenge in Latin America and Europe, focused on the needs of pastors and their families.

Ric, along with ministry partner Armando, returned from a recent trip to Cuba reporting, “We taught a seminar in Havana for pastors and leaders on self-management skills. We had an attendance of 154 people. Fifty-three of them were pastors, 88 were leaders (along with) 13 ministry directors from 11 Christian denominations and 26 churches were represented.”


Apparently, the church is alive and growing in the island nation. The seminar presented by Ric and Armando hit home to the deeper needs of the leaders of that growth. One attendee commented after the seminar, “This training really refreshes the need for self-management, care of our family, and the need to avoid being absorbed by ministry.

cuba3It was good to review our priorities and goals and follow the path laid out by God. We really appreciate everything we have learned here, and we are grateful to God, Armando and Ricardo (Ric) for thinking of us and coming to Cuba to support the work of God here by investing time and resources in this endeavor.”

cuba2Hosting the One Challenge team was Manuel and Conchita, locals who have been in ministry there for many years. They have been overwhelmed by the open doors to carry out kingdom work in their country and report that, in just the last year, “they ministered to 121 pastors, 234 leaders, and 552 new believers for a total of 907 people ministered to in 12 seminars and workshops. They continue to mentor 10 pastors and five leaders.”

Ric is praying about a possible return to Cuba later this year to “continue training those that are in process and hopefully progressing and growing in character and ministry effectiveness. We are hoping to help facilitate workshops and seminars in Havana and also in Santa Clara (located in) the center of the island.”

Ric asks that we join him in praising God for what he has accomplished through his people in Cuba over the decades of limited contact and in prayer for guidance to the opportunities that lie in the near future.

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