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Global Research

Research Facilitates Ministry & Prayer

One Challenge is committed to research in ministry. Without an understanding of the status of the church in a nation, its current needs, and a notion of what might be the best practices to impact that nation for Christ, workers could be the blind leading the blind. Research uncovers information that can be used to define strategy; it facilitates ministry and prayer. For an organizational partnership in a Middle Eastern nation, prayer and research were the first steps to understand where God was already at work and had prepared the ground for new disciple-making movements (DMMs) in key cities, which will hopefully transform the people within this country and beyond.

Research in Ministry

research in ministryA worker and her team (from a partnering organization) had a vision for this country — DMMs in each of the major cities. But they did not know where to begin. OC workers Larry, Stephanie, and Katie were asked to provide research assistance in this Middle Eastern nation, by advising and training the workers doing the interviews and “on-the-ground” research, as well as analyzing the data obtained. Through a long process and many answered prayers, the research was completed in 2014, with members of the Global Research Team crafting a thorough report and creating graphics and maps to enhance a clear and compelling ministry message.

The research OC helped accomplish has already been used to facilitate direct prayer for non-churched areas and suggest strategy as to how to promote disciple-making movements throughout the nation.

research in ministry

Pray for the workers in this region as they implement the strategy and share the gospel in this critical and complex context.

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