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Training Disciple Makers – via Skype!

SkypeLast fall, an OC worker received a request from a LinkedIn contact to provide training for a group of disciple makers in India. But instead of traveling to India, he and the local facilitator decided to deliver the training through a simple video-conferencing service known as Skype.

The remarkable part of the story is what the participants did with the training. One example comes from a 39-year-old pastor, who took three days off from work to attend the initial training.

trainingclass The training opened my eyes and changed my worldview. As a result, I accepted the challenge of reaching my own oral Banjara people by telling them God’s stories. I traveled by foot to 22 villages and shared God’s stories for 46 days. All of these villagers have now heard God’s stories, including the story of Jesus, for the first time in their lives. Twenty-one people accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, eight people were baptized, and three new house churches were planted. Praise the Lord!

Another story comes from a pastor’s wife, who had been struggling to effectively reach and disciple other women. The training, however, proved to be a turning point for her.

Banjara womanBy the grace of God, I am now training women how to share God’s stories and reach other women for the Lord. We have planted three new women storytelling groups. The training refreshed and motivated me to train more people for the Lord. I want give thanks to the Lord, and to our brothers and sisters who are praying for us.

To date, the participants in the training have seen more than 400 people become followers of Jesus and 38 new house churches planted.

How to Pray

You can be part of this and other stories yet to be told! Here is how:

  • Pray for God’s protection and provision for the nearly 30 Banjaran disciple makers and their families who are reaching out to their own people.
  • Pray for a fruitful partnership with the local leaders that equips them to effectively lead their network of disciple makers.
  • Pray that the Gospel would spread rapidly and be honored by the 5.7 million Banjara of India ( who do not yet know and love God.

If the Lord is leading you to partner in this ministry financially, designate your gift to “The Disciple Making Initiative.”

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