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College students DOING GOOD on their Spring Break

College students on their Spring Breaks have gotten a whole lot of negative press lately! Their activities have saddened and disgusted many! But, have you heard about the ten college players and two coaches from College of the Ozarks willing to give up their Spring Break and head to the mountains of Guatemala? Their activities have gladdened and delighted many!

Sports Ambassadors

The coach, Steve Shepherd, had taken his varsity team out two years ago with Sports Ambassadors, a ministry of One Challenge. He had wanted this year’s varsity team to experience the same kind of ministry. Their assistant coach Todd Wright, was all set to go as well, but couldn’t find his passport which had been misplaced in a recent move. So, just 3 days before the trip, the college decided to have Al Waller, their Athletic Director to go in his place. Al was going to be retiring after 40 years of coaching and AD responsibilities. Although we missed Todd, Al was a superb addition. Youth of all ages enjoyed him.

Making friends and taking ‘selfies’ with their cell phones, playing two ball games against the National team, and then teaching kids to play the game by doing drills and exercises … all part of our schedule. Eating different foods than they were used to eating. Often these ball players and coaches catch a vision of how their favorite sport can be used to share the love of Christ. They impact lives and are change agents in communities they touch.

Sports Ambassadors

One pastor in Santiago, with his face beaming, excitedly shared that some of the fathers in his city didn’t trust him and the weekly sports clinics he held for dozens of the youth. But after our players held clinics, participated in skits, and presented the Gospel, these very same fathers tracked down the pastor at a local eatery and shared that they now wanted their kids to attend his sessions every week! Thank you for praying for us.

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