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IMT – Global Catalysts for Discipling Nations

The International Ministries Team, or IMT, is an OC-US impact team with a worldwide ministry platform. They serve as global catalysts for discipling all nations, through research, training, consulting, mentoring and partnering with churches, other agencies and change-agent leaders. Whether alongside other OC teams or entering new frontiers, the IMT uses non-competitive, strategic, and innovative approaches designed to make breakthrough contributions on behalf of OC. We’d like to introduce you to some of the members of the IMT in this video story.

What Kinds of Ministries?

This is a very unique One Challenge team. Currently the team has 20 individuals (eight families, plus two associate families), all with recognized multi-cultural, multi-national ministry experience. These folks are self-starters, mobile and mostly involved in training and impact activities, including occasional platform ministries. Last year members of the IMT carried out ministry in 29 countries! Here are some highlights of the ministries…

Youth Ministry – One couple has developed a global platform for youth leadership carried out through training on four continents. Much of the training was based on the use of their book, Roots: In-depth Discipleship of Youth. This was supplemented by extensive use of Internet media and the development of upscale video materials for youth leaders, plus the production of an e-book guide for personal devotions.

Camp Ministry – In spite of numerous challenges, innovative camping ministries were effectively carried out in Central Asia and Ukraine at over 150 locations, along with expanding multi-level sports ministries. In addition, over 300 Christian camps continue to operate in Russia led by leaders our teammates have trained. Other byproducts of the ongoing camp director training have been the Marriage and Family Conferences and counseling courses to help the national church minister effectively to orphans and war refugees.

Ministry to Korean pastors – In partnership with 11 churches in Korea and the United States, one IMT couple is coaching Korean pastors and their wives. Built on biblically based marriage enrichment mentoring, the results have led to significant transformational growth and ministry.

Evangelism – Through onsite involvement and electronic contacts a group of 10 national evangelists continue to be mentored for effective evangelism by one IMT member. Most of these men are also pastors of growing churches.

Not a Typical Field Team

While the IMT is considered a “field team”, it is not defined by geographic or people-group boundaries. As such, its members are not co-located because of the global scope of their ministries. Instead the IMT operates as a “virtual team,” structured around semi-annual, week-long team retreats for encouragement and accountability. Also different from other resident field teams, the ministries of the IMT are generally defined as project-specific, time-bounded, short-term ministries.

IMT members initiate and maintain these impact ministries on behalf of OC where resident teams are either not possible or not needed. They minister mostly through partnership arrangements, including other One Challenge teams as well as non-OC groups. On-going ministry projects frequently require the ability to form a functional working team on location. Several of these have led to helping open new OC fields.

Please pray for the IMT (20 individuals in eight families, plus two associate families) on the IMT, that the Lord will guide their work and keep them safe during their many journeys.

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