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Hand-cut Cards Transforming a Community in Asia (video)

Christmas is just around the corner. It’s the time we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Many people around the world spend time with family and friends, giving gifts and sharing in fellowship with one another. One way we stay in touch through the holidays is by sending cards. Evergreen, an organization working in East Asia, has been using hand-cut cards to help transform a community in a poor province by providing a way for women to earn money to support their families. Enjoy this video story…

“Before the project started, we found that some women whose husbands were out of work because of illness or injury could cut paper with scissors,” says Xiaojun, who is Evergreen Cards’ Operations Manager. Evergreen started this hand-cut cards project and went on teach these women how to cut cards from patterns using a knife. So, before the women can begin earning money, they go through a week of training to learn how to do the technique. Then they practice until their ready.

card cutter The women pay a small deposit to get their card-cutting tools, which is refunded if they ever stop cutting cards. “We try to help these women not only earn some money; we also try to help them to grow spiritually. For the village women, most of them are not highly educated, but they can see from the acts of our managers, of our co-workers, they can see a difference in attitude,” Xiaojun says. “Now we have a close relationship with them. They can come to us to talk and ask questions.”

Evergreen has about 100 designs for cards. They also do framed art, bookmarks, and custom-design cards. To see the cards, art, and bookmarks offered, go to You can be a part of making a difference in the lives of women in East Asia today.
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