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Transforming Communities Inside and Out in South Africa

On the surface, the ministry in Finetown, South Africa provides a good education for preschool children, training the women who teach them and providing books, school supplies, and tables and chairs for the children. If that’s all the ministry was, that would be transformational. The number of preschools opened has grown from eight to nearly 40 in the past seven years of ministry. Partners donated many books, giving these children their first experience of reading. Donated tables and chairs serve as launch pads for more learning opportunities and contribute to success.

Transforming Communities

If this was all the ministry was, it’d be revolutionary for this South African community. But the Lord’s transforming love goes deeper and changes lives from the inside out.

Going Deeper

Transforming CommunitiesHeather, with One Challenge South Africa, sees God’s transforming love work though the women they train, mentor, and serve. In a recent celebration and time of encouragement with the principals and teachers, one woman approached Heather and her co ‐worker Jenny and expressed her gratitude for the two women in her life.

“When we met her five years ago, she had just been diagnosed with HIV,” Heather says. “Her health was failing. She was very thin and discouraged about her life, marriage, and family. Today, she stands strong and healthy. She takes her medication each day. Her marriage has improved and her children are thriving. The reason she pulled me aside, though? She shared that she wants to grow in her prayer life. She said, ‘I pray. But I think I can learn something more. Can you help me?’”

Transforming CommunitiesThis is just one story of how the Lord penetrates the lives of these women — transforming them through the power of the Spirit. Shortly after this conversation, another woman pulled Heather aside and said, “At the beginning of this year I was in despair. My children were hurting and we didn’t have any hope. But then, you shared with me about how to find joy no matter what my life was like. I cannot tell you what you mean to me.”

A Changing Community

In Finetown the community is not only being changed in the physical world, with better education and future potential of its children, but a transformation is happening in the spiritual world, revolutionizing the lives of the women who serve the community as principals and teachers by drawing them closer to the Father. Transforming Communities


The leaders and facilitators of the ministry in Finetown seek to partner together to transform the community from the inside and out.

  • Pray for harmony in Christ among all who work there.
  • Pray for the South Africa team as they minister to the community.
  • Pray for the children and their families touched by this ministry.

Holistic Ministry
One Challenge is an international agency committed to bringing God’s transforming love and hope to all people. We identify and work to meet the physical, emotional, and social needs of individuals and communities, providing opportunities for deeper level relationships and deeper levels of change. These ministries include education, medical services, agricultural development, community development, and small business mentoring … helping local people to build a healthy community.

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