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GCPN … Accelerating Church Planting Globally

The Global Church Planting Network (GCPN) empowers church leaders to reach their nations for Christ by better understanding the needs of people and using best practices for planting churches in different contexts. The network motto is “Accelerating Church Planting Globally.” The ultimate goal is to see that the church of Jesus Christ is planted within easy access of everyone on the planet.

“This means that we would love to see a church in the language and culture of everyone, and also a church that they can get to physically,” says Larry, leader of One Challenge’s Global Research Team. “In order for this to happen, we estimate that 7.4 million new churches need to be planted in the right places.”


Planting churches is not the only dynamic. One delegate at a recent gathering of GCPN says, “In 10 years, 80 percent of what we know as ‘church’ today will not be around.” The challenging numbers and perspectives are why the GCPN exists—to encourage one another and develop strategies for making these goals achievable.

Gathering in Southeast Asia

In May, nearly 180 delegates from 45 countries gathered in a Southeast Asian nation, with the conference theme: Multiplying Healthy Disciple-Making Churches Together. In the opening session Murray, GCPN network coordinator, emphasized that the invitation to the gathering was not to a conference, but a long-term process working toward shared objectives.


Dan, attending as part of the Global Research Team, shared a few encouragements from the gathering: “Reports of new believers with just weeks of training leading hundreds to Christ; urban youth with lives broken by drugs and human trafficking gathering to hear and obey God’s Word on the streets of Asia; Muslim imams inviting Christ-followers to use their mosque for their school; and God showing his love and power through dreams and miracles.”

GCPNThe gathering of delegates was inspired to pray and listen to the Lord’s direction. “With a simple, reproduce-able model of using Discovery Bible Study to disciple unbelievers to become obedient, faith-filled disciple-makers, Disciple Making Movements can spread rapidly,” Dan says. “Tens of thousands of new believers, forming thousands of new churches, are coming to life each year in some of the hardest to penetrate regions of the Muslim and Hindu worlds.”

During regional meetings, goals were set by 14 regions for the next 90 days in five key areas that are essential for accelerating church planting. Evident throughout the week was a true humility among participants, unity, and a strong commitment to church planting to reach the last of the lost.

Importance of Research

Larry has been an active part of GCPN since 2010, assisting the organization with its informational needs. Along with his three team members attending the conference, he led an optional afternoon seminar on strategic information for church planting, which focused on the basic principles of information gathering, what type of information is needed to fuel a church planting movement in a country, and how to analyze and disseminate the information. These are great tools to help these delegates understand the needs of their nations and how to better serve.

“It seems that the future is likely to reveal a need for more and more accurate information as we continue to make progress in completing the Great Commission given by Jesus to make disciples of all nations,” Larry says.

Pray with One Challenge

  • Pray for the GCPN delegates as they seek to implement all they learned at the recent gathering. Pray there would be openness from the Holy Spirit in each of their countries.
  • Pray for the Global Research Team as they continue to partner with people and organizations around the world in order to gather information to help the Kingdom grow.
  • Pray for the leaders of GCPN as they seek to find better ways to help local leaders transform their nations for Christ.
  • Pray for the many One Challenge workers who work with GCPN, both directly and indirectly, in many leadership roles.
  • Pray for their continued partnerships around the world.

One Challenge is an international mission sending agency empowering local church ministry in more than 100 countries around the world. We provide the body of Christ with the statistical data needed to share the love of Jesus with all people in their communities and beyond in efficient and effective ways.

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