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Outland Adventure in the Philippines

In many cases transformation through the Holy Spirit happens outside a formal setting. It happens during coffee, at meal times, at play groups, on basketball courts, or even sometime on ropes courses.

A Little History

In 2004, OC workers Rich and Marla (Rich is now area director for Southeast Asia) got involved a ropes course ministry in Davao City, Philippines, called Outland Adventure. For five years they poured a lot of time, effort, and prayers into this very productive sports ministry.

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“God used the ropes course to draw many people closer to him through the experiential learning of outdoor adventure,” Rich says.

In 2007, God called Rich and Marla to Manila and the Board of Directors of Outland Adventure at that time desired to turn the ministry over to another group.

A Revival of Ministry

sports ministry“As of last month, Outland has been turned back over to Philippine Challenge, OC’s sister team in the Philippines. We are very excited to begin again the ministry there in Davao City,” Rich says. Philippine Challenge workers Tata and Cherril Mina are taking over the running of this sports ministry.

sports ministryTata and Cherril have been PC workers for almost three years, but have almost 15 years of experience working with Sports Ambassadors as well as the ropes course. “They are gifted in this ministry and have a passionate desire to see discipleship groups formed among youth. They are also looking forward to the possibilities of reproducing this ministry across the Philippines,” Rich says.

“Ropes courses are a very great tool to use because young people and different groups come to the program because they don’t see it as a religious program. They see it as an outdoor experiential program,” Cherril says. “We facilitate the program, we get to debrief them, ask questions that will lead to deeper questions that have something to do with their lives. That’s when they open up their lives to us and we have access to lead them to Christ.”

In their eight years of doing ropes courses, Tata and Cherril have seen many lives changed through the experience.

Pray with One Challenge

  • Pray for Tata and Cherril as they continue to reach into the lives of young people and people of other religions.
  • Pray for spiritual transformation in the lives of the ropes course participants.
  • Pray for the needed funding for Tata and Cherril as they serve in this ministry. Since Outland has not been a part of PC ministry for the past nine years, there is some equipment that needs to be replaced.
  • Pray for a hedge of protection around Outland Adventure, as ropes course can have added dangers.

Help Support Ropes Course Ministry

Want to help support sports ministries such as this ropes course program? Click here to give online today and put “Tata Mina” in the subject line. For more giving options, go to the Give page.

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