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Revving up the CMA Season in Europe

The white crosses shine from afar. It’s a statement in itself … the United Kingdom’s uniqueness in the worldwide organization known as the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA).

“We do display the standard international logo on our vests and in stickers on the bikes. Most of the rest of the world has a big CMA logo on their backs, whereas the U.K. decided to be different. They wanted it to be clear from afar that we are not just another biker club. CMA is an outreach mission to the biker world,” Steve says.

Summer Events

Christian MotorcyclistsIn the warmer months, from April through October, the Sussex branch of the association, which OC workers Steve and Renée are a part, has various gatherings, events, outreaches, rides, etc. almost every week.

“One Sunday a month, we ride to visit a church in Sussex County. Only our leader knows where we’re going, so it’s a mystery to us. We share about the ministry to promote prayer and awareness, and have good chats with individuals during the social time following the service,” he says.

Other events include a hilltop hangout and branch gatherings where the group rides though the countryside and meets for Bible study and sharing.

Christian Motorcyclists

“Larger outreach events happen on Sundays in March, July, September, and October. These involve us manning a display tent (with some coffee/tea service) at large rallies that attract many bikers. (The last two on the shores of Brighton can have tens of thousands come through on one Sunday),” Steve says.

Bikers around the world can be a tough crowd, often hard to share the gospel with. The ministry of the Christian Motorcyclists is paramount in reaching the men and women associated with this world.

Christian Motorcyclists

The Sussex branch leader’s wife, Trish wrote this recently about the group bond:

“We are family. Though not blood by relation, we are family by the blood of Christ. Though we may only see each other whenever, we know we’re there for each other in prayer. We may not be there physically to talk, give a hug, or share a tear. But through prayer, we send angels to whisper God’s truths, wrap you in their wings, and catch your tears to give to God … because he saves each tear that they are not in vain. It may seem like you’re on your own, but you’re not. God has brought us together as family for a purpose, to hold each other up in prayer. We are a brick wall, each one a brick, by God’s love cemented to the other, holding the whole wall up. We may get knocked and damaged, but as long as we keep that cement in and between us, we will keep holding each other up and standing firm. We mustn’t allow anything to break down the cement in us or between us.”

Pray with One Challenge

  • Pray for safety on the road, for the sight of their crosses to encourage and exhort, and for fruitful dialogue and connections at the gatherings and events.
  • Pray for Steve and Renée as the ride alongside and encourage the members of their Sussex CMA branch.

Partnering & Bridge Building
One Challenge is an international mission sending agency empowering local church ministry in more than 100 countries around the world. We serve, equip, and connect the body of Christ to advance God’s kingdom among all people. We engage in strategic partnerships out of a conviction that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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