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Plead with God for 1% Christians!

church planting trainingOver a year ago, One Challenge personnel met with large groups of church leaders in Thailand to share about OC’s church planting in the Philippines and in Myanmar. “They were very encouraged, and gave a very strong invitation for us to come to do trainings. Since then, they have been so eager and impatiently waiting to get started,” Dave says.

Church Planting Training is Not a Cookie Cutter Process

“The church planting materials we developed to reach Buddhists in Myanmar will be our starting point. We’ll make adjustments, as we don’t expect Thai Buddhists to be exactly the same as Burmese Buddhists,” Dave says.

The progress in Myanmar has been encouraging but not without it’s hurdles. “The Lord is blessing us with better results than we expected in Myanmar. There have also been lots of frustrations along the way. We’ve learned a lot about working outside of our home turf. It should be much better this time,” he says.

Training Together with Thai Leaders in Partnership

In early July, Dave (along with David W. and Jason) met with national leaders in Bangkok to make plans for the upcoming trainings. “As always, it will be a series of trainings, doing our best to follow-up and make sure there is strong implementation. We will work toward multiplication of trainers, spreading across the country, working with the whole body of Christ,” Dave says. church planting training

The organization of the national church planting program in Thailand is very encouraging to Dave. “They definitely are the best I’m aware of at tracking the growth of their church. Every year they have an update. Every year they present the report. And every year there is disappointment. Every year they fall short of 1 percent Christian. Currently Christians number 0.7 percent,” he says.

church planting trainingThe missing piece is church planting training.

Pray with One Challenge

Dave has faith the Lord will bless this movement in Thailand. But he says no church planting training in itself can accomplish 1 percent Christians. “It takes a lot of prayer,” he says.

  • Pray for the development of very effective training materials, contextualized for Thailand.
  • Pray for great fruit from the first trainees.
  • Pray for at least 1 percent Christians in Thailand!

Church Planting & Growth
One Challenge is an international mission sending agency empowering local church ministry in more than 100 countries around the world. We invest in people and opportunities that enable churches to be planted, thrive, grow, and multiply. When invited by local leaders, OC conducts training for church planters and those interested in learning about disciple-making movements.

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