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Transforming Spanish Youth – Festival 180º

Art, music, sports, and fun coupled with biblically based teaching and speakers that challenge the status quo – that’s Festival 180º.

The pictures in this story include concerts, Líder180 (time with the leaders present at the gathering with panel, etc.), Café180 (part of our income goes to different social campaigns we run including giving drinking water – support a project from the Evangelical Alliance, children in poverty with Compassion and fight against Malaria with a British charity)

Festival 180º

Spain is one of the 20 countries in Europe that is less than 1 percent Evangelical. Most young people have no relationship to the church; few have a positive relationship, and most profess atheism or agnostic beliefs. “Our main goal is to communicate the life and the message of Jesus in a biblical and contemporary way to the next generation,” says Hélder, director of 180º Global.

Festival 180º

Importance of the Festival

The fourth annual Festival 180º took place in Málaga, a coastal city in Southern Spain. Spanish youth came from all over, from different denominations, independent churches, and many non-believers who joined friends.

Festival 180º

The small and limited church dynamic in Spain doesn’t lend itself to fellowship for youth within their individual churches, making this gathering essential for growth.

Festival 180º

“Gathering the youth and giving them the opportunity to connect with others. Sense they’re part of something bigger. Challenge their lifestyle towards a Christ-like one. Give them the opportunity to listen to first class Christian bands and excellent communicators, etc. Those are things most of them don’t have the chance to experience,” Hélder says.

Festival 180º

Desired Impact

Spanish culture has trended toward a more hedonistic, “me-centered” perspective in recent years. 180º Global and Festival 180º combats against this philosophy.

Festival 180º

“We pray, work, and hope on God that His Spirit would convict young people during the festival and conversions would take place. Also we emphasize and mobilize young people towards a missional lifestyle, social impact, and missions,” Hélder says. “We hope many will experience 180º turn in different areas of their lives, from a ‘me-centered’ to a ‘God-and-others-centered’ lifestyle. Pray they’ll go back home and influence their local church and the different circles they’re a part of. We hope new projects and relationships will be born out of the new connections of young leaders during the festival.”

Festival 180º

Pray with One Challenge

  • Pray for a spiritual awakening among the young people of Spain. Over 50 percent of the youth in Spain are atheists, agnostics, or indifferent to religion.
  • Please pray for divine wisdom, opportunities, and resources as Hélder and his wife Ana and others seek to preach and live the lordship of Jesus with biblical faithfulness and cultural relevance.
  • Pray for more opportunities for the young people in Spain to encounter the gospel.

About the Favarins

Hélder Favarín and his wife Ana are mission workers who live and serve in Spain as a part of OC-UK and Sepal Spain. Hélder is the director of 180º Global, pastor of C29 in Granada, Spain, and serves on the board of RedTimoteo and Mission-Net. You can follow 180º Global and Hélder on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Festival 180º

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