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Journeying Forward, One Step at a Time with SOL

We are all sojourners in this life on earth. It’s our privilege to walk the journey with Christ. SOL or Step Outside the Lines took its inaugural steps in Màlaga, Spain, July and August of 2016. Its purpose is to help people in stages of transition and uncertainty discover what God has in store for their future. Also it gives them an opportunity to get outside themselves and serve the kingdom.

SOL 2016

Step Outside the Lines is part of a journey that we each take. Because we are exploring our own identities as sojourners on this earth,” says Josh. He and his wife Emily served as team leaders for the out-of-country participants for SOL.

Stepping into Culture

Spain and the Camino de Santiago (the way of St. James) served the theme of “sojourners” well. While Spain has many immigrants from northern Africa, the Camino is also populated by those seeking truth in some respect, trying to find their way.

SOL 2016

The four-week experience started with two weeks in Màlaga. First of all, they enjoyed building community and serving among immigrant populations in southern Spain. Then in the final week son the Camino, they served in a hostel, and literally walked the path themselves.

SOL 2016

SOL 2016

“The culture of the Camino lends itself to having talks about life, about spirituality, about truth. These pilgrims are seekers of truth. Whether that’s processing the death of a loved one or a loss. Or processing a transition, or trying to seek out what is next,” Josh says.

Stepping Closer to God

SOL 2016As leaders, both Josh and Emily encouraged participants to learn something new about God and about themselves. As a result, they gained insight and discovered Christ in new ways.

“I was impacted through the people I met. We all ask similar questions. Who is Jesus? What are we here for? Being able to go deep like that with others who are searching. Sharing what I believe was a growing experience,” Emily says.

Throughout the trip, leaders and members had special times of reflection. “Personally, this was a time of real growth. Understanding different transitions and different stages of life. I grew closer in my own walk with God. And I learned to take small steps of obedience, and not worry about the larger journey itself. Making it about today and what steps I am taking right now,” Josh says.

Your Next Step

SOL 2016Every journey is different. What a fun and helpful way to discover steps of obedience … in community. That’s what One Challenge can do for you.

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