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Story of Faith and Basketball (video)

Packed out crowds. Decisions for Christ. Hundreds involved in Bible correspondence courses. What does this describe? Venture for Victory, the predecessor to the One Challenge ministry Sport Ambassadors.

From Venture for Victory to Sports Ambassadors

Sports AmbassadorsWhen Dick Hillis and Don Odle accepted the invitation of Madame Chiang Kai Shek to bring a basketball team to share the gospel throughout Taiwan, neither man knew the impact. Basketball brought droves of people to the court, the Lord brought them to himself.

The fruit of Venture for Victory and now Sports Ambassadors is not always immediately known to us. By faith OC believes the Lord has changed the lives of generations around the world.

In this video, watch Don Odle and members of the first Venture for Victory teams share about God’s call to the mission field. Sports changed their lives and the lives of those who watched them play and heard their testimonies.

Venture for Victory documentary

This is a compelling story of faith and basketball.

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One Challenge is an international mission sending agency empowering local church ministry in more than 100 countries around the world. One Challenge uses sports as a vehicle to create opportunities for sharing the gospel, planting churches, helping churches engage their communities, and developing disciple-making networks. Contact the OC Sports Ambassadors at or go their Sports Ambassadors Facebook page.

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One Challenge is an international mission sending agency empowering local church ministry in more than 100 countries around the world. We seek to empower the whole body of Christ to bring a transforming love and hope to all people. When invited by local leaders, OC facilitates local bodies of believers to identify, train, and send global workers toward realizing a “from everywhere to everywhere” vision. For more information, please email OC Mobilization at Or go to our Mobilization blog called “Prepare for Impact” at

One Comment

  • Professor John Lee Tan says:

    I knew several of your basketball players in the VENTURE FOR VICTORY in its first few basketball engagements in the Philippines 1951-1955 when I was only at the age of 12-15. i talked with Bud Shaeffer met him at the Rizal Memorial Collesium he gave me one peso soI could get in then I became his water boy for the team and could get in free of charge in all their games.

    I am the 3rd son of Mrs. Julia Lee Tan who together with Dr. & Mrs.Edwin G & Helen Spahr (mission worker from Phila pa) co-founded the Grace Christian High School-Manila in 1950. I became a graduate school professor of major schools in Taiwan and the Philippines and I believe that nothing could be more successful and challenging than using the basketball in doing evangelism in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian Countries. Please contact me I am organizing a christian foundation in Houston City, Texas USA and will set up offices in Manila & Taipei primarily to support the christian gospel ministry through sports/& Music et al.

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