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A Cry for Intimacy with God

A Cry for Intimacy with GodAfter an exhaustive effort, TOPIC South Africa published the results from a major research project in November 2016, documenting the training needs of pastoral leaders in that nation… A Cry for Intimacy with God: Research on Christian leadership training needs in South Africa.

This book documents the responses from 800 pastoral leaders, gathering information about their demographics, their educational, and ministry training backgrounds, their churches and communities, and the subject areas in which they most need further growth and development.

A Cry for Intimacy

The TOPIC research team, which includes One Challenge workers David and Karl, gathered results that confirm suspicions, surprise thinking, and challenge assumptions.

A Cry for Intimacy with God

In addition to sharing findings from the research, the book outlines recommendations for future training and development of South Africa’s pastoral leaders. A Cry for Intimacy with God also outlines how the research project was designed and executed, providing a template that could be adapted to research pastoral training needs in other nations as well.

A Cry for Intimacy with GodReverend Moss Ntlha, General Secretary of The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa, says: “The TOPIC report is a ground-breaking empirical study of the current reality in Church leadership in South Africa. A case could be made that a healthy church capable of the effective nurture of its members–as well as contributing towards positive change in its social environment–requires healthy church leadership driving the change process. If this is true, then the study is a powerful tool in the hands of those responsible for developing church leadership. It brings clarity to the many questions that attend the way leadership development happens in practice.”

Launching the Book

Launching the book in South Africa, David, Karl and their colleague Willie, traveled to Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban to have an atypical book launch that not only presented the research process and findings but also included round-table discussions on how this information affects the leadership training needs in communities around the nation and discussing the question: where do we go from here?

A Cry for Intimacy with God
A Cry for Intimacy with God
A Cry for Intimacy with God

A Cry for Intimacy with God gives powerful insight into the training needs of leaders in South Africa and has the potential to shape the future training of leaders in the region,” David says.

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  • Joanne Whitman says:

    How may we obtain a copy of A Cry for Intimacy with God? I’m not able to order it through, as I am in the U.S. and it does not allow me to enter a U.S. address.

    • shannon says:

      Thanks for the comment.
      To get a copy of the book in the U.S., please contact our office:
      One Challenge International
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      PO Box 36900
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      office +1 (719) 592-9292

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