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Mission Training in Ukraine

For the past several years, Ukraine has been at war, and in a state of political and social disruption. Yet, this cloud of war has not dampened the hope and zeal of evangelical Christians in the nation to spread the gospel throughout Ukraine and beyond. Ukrainians are uniquely positioned with the ability to go eastward where the majority of western mission workers cannot freely travel. Mission training in Ukraine has begun!

Lifeworkx mission training in UkraineOne Challenge workers Joel and Irena established the Global Partners Mission Training Center in Ukraine, which started classes in November. The teaching is designed to accommodate students from Ukraine and neighboring nations, including Central Asia. Four students were able to attend the first year, two Ukrainians and two Georgians.

Beginning with Lifeworkx

Steve and Josh, members of the Lifeworkx team, headed to Ukraine to take these students through Lifeworkx to kick off their training program. Lifeworkx is a self-discovery program where you are the curriculum. The program has four stages: my unique story, my unique design, my unique strengths, and my unique destiny.

Lifeworkx mission training in Ukraine

Lifeworkx mission training in Ukraine“We are open, honest, and transparent; creating a safe place to tell our life stories. We heard heart-wrenching stories from each of these students. Tears were shed. Lives were transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit,” Steve says.

Lifeworkx is just the beginning for these mission workers in training. They will continue their seven-month program, and Lord willing, will be sent out to spread the Good News.

Lifeworkx mission training in Ukraine

Pray with One Challenge

The mission training center in Kiev needs your prayers. More students from Central Asia were meant to attend the first training class but visa issues prevented them from coming. This is just one of many obstacles this ministry faces.

  • Pray for Joel as he directs the Global Partners Mission Training Center and seeks to grow its reach.
  • Construction on a permanent site has begun. Pray for finances and smooth processes for the building project. Lord willing, the new location will be ready for the next training class.
  • Pray for Ukraine as the nation continues to toil under the weight of war.
  • Pray for Steve and the Lifeworkx team as they look into the global ministry of Lifeworkx. Pray for them as they prepare and fundraise for new Lifeworkx invitations in U.A.E., India, Dominican Republic, Niger, Kenya, and Zimbabwe.

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