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Saying “Yes” … Ministry of Availability in the UK (video)

young adult groupSteve and Renée did not go to England to work with young adults. They did not seek out 20-somethings to mentor and guide. What they did do was open the door when an opportunity knocked. In ministry, sometimes impact happens when you say “yes” to be available.

“Yes” to Hosting

Shortly after OC workers Steve and Renée moved to Worthing, England, a young adult group that gathered men and women from different parishes in the city needed a place to meet, someone willing to host a gathering and give up an evening to this group. When asked, Steve and Renée said yes. After all, they had just come from Black Forest Academy in Germany where they invested in burgeoning adults, and mentoring young people in the past had given them joy.

young adult group

This offer to host developed into leading, and building discipleship. And now, members of the group share leadership roles in many of their gatherings. Saying yes to this little, or not so little, request, opened their home to young believers in the community, many who have never experienced this openness from a non-family member.

“Renée and Steve are very open and welcoming,” says Jonathan, one young adult they’ve welcomed into their lives. “No matter what your problem is, they will talk to you and try and help you the best that they can. They will listen, they will give advice, and they’ll be patient.”

Watch this video to hear what Jonathan has to say about how Steve and Renée changed his life:

“Yes” to Openness

This openness led to questions about the Bible, faith, family, jobs, relationships, and directions in life… overcoming past hurts and failures and pursuing more fullness of purpose in Christ. These conversations changed friendship to discipleship to family.
“Steve and Renée are my family. They are essentially my spiritual parents,” Jonathan says. “When I’ve got something wrong, they’re the first people I go to. At first they started out as friends, and then slowly they’ve developed, through a lot of time, to family.”

young adult group

Whether the conversation is about music and movies, or something much deeper, Steve and Renée welcome it. Although this ministry is not something they sought out, merely by listening and being available to these young adults, they both are having impact in their community, transforming it one life at a time.

Pray with One Challenge

  • Pray for these young adults in Worthing as they discover how to be the light and salt in their communities.
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit as Steve and Renée mentor these young adults in their community.
  • Pray for a deepening relationship with Christ for each of these men and women.

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  • Dan Lagasse says:

    It’s always good to hear encouraging news from a Westmont alum and old friends! Glad to hear of your new ministry; greetings from San Jose, California.

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