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Education (MK)

Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders while Helping Change Today

Not many forms of kingdom work can be called support ministry and life-on-life ministry. One that can – teaching third culture kids and children of mission workers. This multifaceted job allows for deep connection with students, but it also helps kingdom growth by allowing mission workers to do ministry while being comforted by the fact that their children are receiving quality education.

One Challenge values MK and TCK education. It’s been a part of our history for over 60 years.
Black Forest Academy

Educating Students

The investment in students’ lives on a daily basis allows for deep relationships and positive roles models.

“God has allowed me to part of the process of transformation of student lives as I have the daily privilege of teaching what God says about becoming an adult and having healthy relationships,” says OC worker Eric, who teaches Bible at Black Forest Academy in Germany.

Teachers become influential in students lives, providing a safe-place for processing as well as quality education for students.

“I continue to having quality relationships with former teachers, even though I have been out of school for years,” says OC worker Kelli, who attended Christian Academy of Guatemala (CAG) as a child. “Now that I myself am I mission worker, I have former CAG teachers on my prayer and support team.”

students outside

Supporting Families

What these schools do is not only serving the students, but the families as well.

Bucharest Christian Academy“We thank God for BCA, because it offers our kids a Christ-centered education. Being like this, BCA emphasizes God’s heart for missions,” says Jorge, an OC Global Alliance member and parent of Bucharest Christian Academy students. “We pray that God would bless this amazing school.”

The reality of education overseas is local options don’t always work, and home-school is not possible for every family. It’s important for mission families to have the needs of their children met.


“Many families would tell you that they could not remain on the field if there were not schools such as Faith Academy, which provide the education needs for their children,” says OC worker Tom, Head of School at Faith Academy in Manila, Philippines. “Often times those families cannot fit into a national school, so a local school is not an option, so this where a school like ours, steps into that gap and provides the education, the support, the spiritual nourishment, and the guidance families value.”

Get Involved

These are just a few examples of how One Challenge invests in MK and TCK education around the world.

Are you interested in teaching at an international school? Contact OC Mobilization at and we can find the right fit for you.


One Challenge is an international mission sending agency empowering local church ministry in more than 100 countries around the world. One Challenge seeks to educate on all levels in order to equip the next generation of leaders … English as a second language, global workers’ children in international schools, university and seminary students.

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