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Educating Leaders – the Hands and Feet of Christ

Education is a big part of equipping leaders and believers to reach people for Christ and see transformation within their communities. One Challenge worker Dave commits time and travel to educating leaders, pastors, teachers, seminary students, and church planters in order to advance the gospel.

Educating Leaders

Recently teaching an intensive five-day course on the Gospel of John to eight Master’s students in a southeast Asian nation, Dave poured into people from Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian backgrounds that have come to know Christ.

Educating Leaders

The group represented pastors, church planters, and teachers: some young, others old, all multilingual. Despite differences, each student desired to “learn more about how God is revealed in Jesus Christ, and how the Apostle John gave witness to that revelation, writing it down in the fourth Gospel,” Dave says.

The Lord is on the Move

In this country, Protestant Christianity makes up just over 1 percent of the population of 20 million. However, the movement of the Spirit is present with Hindus slowly coming to faith in Christ and there are indications that an increasing number of Buddhists are believing in Christ. And despite historical and current tension between Hindus and Buddhists, on campus none of the inter-ethnic strife that is visible in the outside world was evident in these believing brothers and sisters.

Educating Leaders

“The work of church planting among these groups is slow and sometimes very dangerous. Even so, God’s people are planting churches,” Dave says.

Educating Leaders

Pray with One Challenge

Prayer is needed for these students and other believers taking the gospel throughout the nation.

  • Pray for perseverance for these students through the struggles they may face.
  • Pray for fruit in ministry and wisdom in decisions.
  • Pray they would grow in awe before the living God who has become Savior, and will become our reigning King!

One Challenge is an international mission sending agency empowering local church ministry in more than 100 countries around the world. One Challenge seeks to educate on all levels in order to equip the next generation of leaders … English as a second language, global workers’ children in international schools, university and seminary students.

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