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Challenges of Studying Theology in South Asia

In the Western world, we don’t often comprehend the sacrifices believers around the world make in order to share the gospel. Do you ever wonder how pastors in non-Christian countries are trained? Studying theology … especially Christian theology in an area where Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam are dominant … is a challenge.

Obedient in the Face of Trials

Living in countries with freedom of religion, we are not threatened with prison, exile, or even death by professing Christ as Lord. Many local leaders and believers One Challenge works with face those realities every day. Yet, they are still obedient and they risk their safety so that others may know the Truth.

Dave, an OC worker, recently spent a time teaching and studying the Gospel of John with eight leaders in a South Asian nation.

studying theology

“Besides studying theology in this master’s program, these leaders are busy in ministry. Many are pastoring; some with part-time jobs. Some are married; some are single. Two, serving in a nearby Bible school, had to miss class one day because their school was having its graduation ceremonies,” Dave says.

Yet, despite multiple commitments, they are committed to learning more about their Savior, and then taking that knowledge and sharing it.

Ignoring Hardship for the Gospel

Life is not easy where these people live. They lack what we consider basic necessities, not luxuries. “But with or without sidewalks, clean water, or reliable electricity, these leaders have been preaching the gospel and discipling followers of the Lord Jesus, frequently in a hostile environment,” Dave says.

studying theology

Despite hardships, the gospel is spreading, and the church is growing. Many are seeking Truth, and the ministry of these men and women is impacting their communities.

“We are delighted to be able to participate in the ongoing education of these men and women,” Dave says.

Pray with One Challenge

  • Pray for these leaders as they share the gospel and disciple people into transformation.
  • Pray for teachers like Dave who travel to remote areas to train these local leaders.

studying theology

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