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Reaching Out to Immigrant Communities in Spain

Our world is not at peace. Nightly on the news, we see more areas of unrest. Global displacement of peoples means more and more refugees are seeking asylum in countries near and far. One Challenge workers try to meet people where they are at and help in any way they can. Our story today is about reaching out to immigrant communities in Spain.

For a long time, Laura felt the need to help refugees and immigrants in her city in Spain. But God never opened a clear door. The call, however, never subsided.

“We contacted different people, visited ministries, asked questions, and waited. We spoke with others who were interested in the same — both on this side of the world and in the U.S. We prayed for God’s opportunities,” Laura says.

refugees in Spain

God’s Timing

God’s timing became paramount. Late last year, the Lord brought refugees to the doorstep of Laura and Kory’s church. “We made friends with a man from Gambia, and a couple from the Ukraine. We helped in small ways we could, making phone calls and connections for their new lives here in Spain,” she says.

In December, the family discovered a local ministry to immigrants was closing. Laura and Kory met with other workers in the area who wanted to see this ministry continue.

Immigrant Communities in Spain“Besides being a ‘community center,’ this ministry gives out food weekly to some 600 families. Those we met together with had the same heart: they couldn’t let 600 families go hungry if there was something that we could do. They also desired to have a connection with refugees and immigrants, in order to share God’s love with them,” Laura says.

Moving Forward

The next steps for this project are somewhat unclear and the partnership is not fully formed. The workers involved are in the process of forming a multi-organizational board. They all are excited to see how God is at work. “Because of His work and His timing, there should be no discontinuity of service to the families. Praise God!” Laura says.

The Lord has answered a lot of prayer. When workers met together and shared, there were four obstacles that need to be overcome, only God could do it.

Immigrant Communities in Spain“We encouraged them all to pray for a miracle. Then, within four hours of our meeting, all four of the insurmountable obstacles had all melted away!” she says. “We know that God is moving, opening up opportunities that we didn’t think existed.” she says.

Pray with One Challenge

  • Pray that Laura and Kory will have wisdom and discernment in how to move forward in this ministry.
  • Pray for more like-minded people to come around them and serve.
  • Pray for the refugee communities around the world, that they would be surrounded by love, not hate. And that the Lord would meet them in their time of need.

Holistic Ministry
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