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MTI and OC … Sharing Much More Than the Building

We are celebrating our new neighbors – Magazine Training International (MTI) – right here in our Colorado Springs building. In February this year MTI signed a lease to rent one of our empty suites. We couldn’t be more pleased as we share so much more than just the building. Since they are the professional magazine/web publishers, we thought we would have them introduce themselves…


The Move

MTIWe’ve moved in and we’re ready to welcome any and all of our new friends at One Challenge! Magazine Training International (MTI) is a small missions-oriented organization founded nearly 30 years ago in Europe. We moved to Colorado Springs 11 years ago and were in another building less than a mile away. Through a series of bizarre circumstances, which we now believe were orchestrated by the Lord, we ended up checking out the suites available at One Challenge. Each of our four staff members on entering the door of suite 105 said this is where we belong.

In fact, O.C.’s global mission was the deciding factor in our decision to move into the One Challenge building. We are especially glad to be here since we share a vision for world missions and equipping nationals to reach their own nations and the world.



MTI’s Mission

The mission of MTI is to provide training and resources to Christian magazine staff in the Developing World as they seek to build the church and reach their societies for Christ.

MTISince 1989, MTI has offered some 85 on-site training events in 20 countries, as well as dozens of online workshops and six online courses. We also have two multi-disk DVD courses with subtitles in four languages and five training manuals in a number of languages, including Chinese, Korean, Malayalam, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian, Croatian, Polish, French, English, and Spanish.

MTI’s website at offers a wide variety of free resources for publishers and features an extensive library of downloadable resources and training videos, as well as dozens of ebooks.

Over the last 29 years, 100 Christian publishing professionals from 20 countries have volunteered to serve as trainers in our on-site and online training programs, many of them serving repeatedly in a variety of countries.

A New Continent

We are now beginning a 10-year training program in a continent that is new to us and have been glad to see that One Challenge has a number of staff with experience in Africa. Over the last decade nearly 200 Christian magazines in Africa have contacted us, asking for resources or training. Some staff members of African magazines have been able to attend conferences in other parts of the world, but have been asking for training events in their own countries.

MTIWe will hold our first Magazine Publishing Institute in Nairobi, Kenya, this fall and are planning to begin work in West Africa next year. We’ve already had some helpful conversations with OC Africa experts and look forward to more contacts with OC staff in the future. We’re out of sight on the first floor at the end of the hall, but we hope we aren’t out of mind. We look forward to welcoming visitors from One Challenge.

Once again, welcome MTI! And welcome to all who want to visit us in Colorado Springs. Be sure to venture down the hall from the reception area and greet our MTI building mates as well.


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