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Rappelling to Empower Youth with OC and Cruz Roja Guatemalteca

One Challenge uses sports as tool to reach out to communities with a common language – the love of sports and recreation. Typically, OC uses familiar sports like basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Recently OC worker, Joshua, has partnered with a local mission worker, Raul, to reach out to the volunteers at La Cruz Roja (The Red Cross) using rappelling skills in Guatemala.

OC and Cruz Roja Guatemalteca

At the end of February, Joshua led over a dozen young men and women in rappelling training. After the training, the president of the local Red Cross chapter requested Joshua train another group of his volunteers and connected him with more young people who’d like to learn to rappel.

OC and Cruz Roja Guatemalteca

“My vision would be to empower people to go places they have never gone before, and experience God’s creation in a new way,” Joshua says. “As part of the Global Sports Ministry Team, I labor to empower a new generation to step into greatness that God has designed them for.” This type of rescue and recreational opportunity as a way to reach young people, while meeting a need in the area that Raul has seen and expressed.

OC and Cruz Roja Guatemalteca

“There are themes of a walk with Christ woven into the fabric of mountaineering. I’m exploring whether developing these themes would be something worth the investment of time and resources,” Joshua says.

OC and Cruz Roja Guatemalteca

OC and Cruz Roja Guatemalteca

OC and Cruz Roja Guatemalteca

OC and Cruz Roja Guatemalteca

Pray with One Challenge

  • Pray for wisdom for Joshua and Raul as they explore this rappelling ministry and how God wants to use it.
  • Pray for Joshua as he seeks to purchase equipment needed to do this ministry well.
  • Pray for the young men and women who Joshua works with, that they would be good soil for the gospel.


  • Joshua C. says:


    Thanks for sharing about what’s going on in Guatemala’s northern highlands.
    A small team of pastors and I are headed back up there next week.

    “Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion.
    Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.” Eph.6

    Prayer is powerful.
    I’m grateful for what God is doing in Latin America.
    Learn more here:

  • Jeff Nelson says:

    I am glad to hear more about this ministry. I pray with Hector for the safety and relational impact that I have heard and read about. I love these people and am thankful you are there to add to what God is doing in and through them.

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