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Understanding the Remaining Mission Task (Animated Video)

A member of our CMIW Facilitation Team, Chris Maynard, helped to create this video to be seen by students at Urbana 18. It challenges priorities for sending mission workers.

Have you wondered which peoples are still waiting to hear about Jesus for the first time?

About Urbana 2018

If you are from, or currently in, the USA then no doubt you’ve heard of the InterVarsity Urbana Student Missions Conferences. Since 1946 they have been (basically) triennial events designed for students to “encounter God, experience his global church, enter into his call, and engage in community.” No doubt many American members of our Community of Mission Information Workers (CMIW) community first recognized that God was calling us, or strengthened a call we suspected we had, through our participation in an Urbana missions conference.

Urbana 2018 Student Missions Conference

At each conference, reliable world, church and missions information is presented. Researchers and the resources they produce are consulted for the preparation of plenary messages. Compelling graphics are prepared to present global facts in order to promote a common understanding of the current state of the world, its profile and its needs, and to clarify efforts of the Church to faithfully live out the mission of God in all its cultural, geographic and social complexity.

Urbana 18, which occurred December 27-31, 2018 in St. Louis, MO, was no exception. For example, Dr. John Plake, Senior Manager of Ministry Intelligence for the American Bible Society, shared a groundbreaking study in the Ministry and Missions Leadership Track. 949 mission workers were surveyed in an effort to highlight key abilities every mission worker needs to build cross-cultural relationships and accomplish the gospel’s work when living abroad. Plake is a researcher with a pastor’s heart, bridging the worlds of social science, business intelligence, and spiritual formation. Missions information is needed for leadership formation.

Watch videos of the Urbana 2018 Student Missions Conference sessions, including speakers such as OC/Sepal’s René and Sarah Breuel and many more!

During the five-day conference, young people engaged in a kaleidoscope of experiences including 16,000-person worship sessions, Bible expositions, seminars, manuscript studies, testimonies from the global church, and prayer. They connected with mentors to receive prayer and guidance. Among them were some of our next generation of information workers. Let’s keep them in our prayers and, as we have opportunity, welcome them into our community to learn and serve with us.

Research One Challenge is an international mission sending agency empowering local church ministry in more than 100 countries around the world. We provide the body of Christ with the statistical data needed to share the love of Jesus with all people in their communities and beyond in efficient and effective ways.

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