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Prepare for Impact … OC Mobilization

A change of name but not a change of purpose.

Recently, the mobilization department of One Challenge decided to change its external name from the generic “mobilization” (an insider mission’s term) to the broader and more inclusive “Prepare for Impact.”

The catalyst for the name change was the bringing on of a new member, Lydia, who serves as administrator for Prepare for Impact.

“I’m not from a mission’s background, so initially I didn’t understand the purpose of ‘mobilization’, and I found myself asking what exactly we do. Because I was unclear, I figured others might also not understand these ‘insider’ terms.” Lydia says.

Although Lydia ignited the discussion, it hit on something both Jeff, the director, and Josh, the mobilizer, had been experiencing and discussing for the last several years.

“At conferences and on other communication venues, we would explain our purpose and, of course, part of it was recruitment or mobilization; but in addition, we would explain our desire to encourage people to take steps to serve Jesus as best as they can in the kingdom. “Prepare for Impact” is just a better explanation of what we actually do,” Josh says.

It’s a refocusing, taking the niche jargon out of the equation and speaking to where the heart of the team lies.

“We exist to help people identify what God is saying to them and prepare them to impact others in a different culture, and also to be impacted by that culture,” Jeff says.

Blog and Podcasts

The change in name also stemmed from the team’s initiatives – its blog and podcasts. Both productions are relevant for any person looking to serve cross-culturally, not just those wanting to go with OC.

The blog has existed for several years and serves the purpose to ignite missional conversations and provide possible answers to common questions about living and working cross-culturally.

The Prepare for Impact podcast is in its second season. Season one was about answering typical mission questions, highlighting different ministries, and giving a foundation of the mission world. Season two focuses on discipleship and its role in missions.

“They’re quick but deep conversations that encourage the appetite for more questions, to go further, and (hopefully) engage with us in the process,” Connor says, who heads up the podcast.

The Prepare for Impact podcast has a companion podcast called “The Sip.”

“The Sip’s main goal is to bring people to the site that would not normally be interested in missions. It’s short, lighthearted, and funny. It allows listeners to get to know us as people; it shows who we are. But, the whole point is it’s a companion piece to the Prepare for Impact podcast. It’s not meant to stand alone,” Connor says.

The new initiatives and change in name may lead one to think that Prepare for Impact is a brand-new department. Yes, new things are happening and the department is narrowing in on its focus and purpose, but the heart is the same – to see God’s kingdom grow and the number of “harvesters” increased through mobilizing the church.

Dive Deeper

Check out PrepareforImpact.Life to learn more about the team, read the blog, and listen to the podcasts.  

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One Challenge is an international mission sending agency empowering local church ministry in more than 100 countries around the world. We seek to empower the whole body of Christ to bring a transforming love and hope to all people. When invited by local leaders, OC facilitates local bodies of believers to identify, train, and send global workers toward realizing a “from everywhere to everywhere” vision. For more information, please email OC Mobilization at Or go to our Mobilization blog called “Prepare for Impact” at

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