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Meet Orchard Alliance, Partnering with OC for Kingdom Growth

Who doesn’t want to be a good steward? Whether it’s using our time well, or making meaningful financial contributions, we all want to be mindful of good stewardship in our lives. In this video Kathy Copley introduces Joseph Padilla, someone who specializes in “tax-wise giving”. Joseph is VP of Ministry of Relationships of Orchard Alliance. Five years ago Joseph met OC President Dean Carlson. OC’s relationship with Joseph and Orchard Alliance has been growing to where Orchard is, indeed, an extension of OC’s ministry team. 

What is Orchard Alliance’s mission and vision? 

In this interactive interview, you’ll hear about how and why Orchard expanded from exclusively serving the Christian and Mission Alliance denomination for 50 years, to serving other like-minded organizations, including One Challenge. Joseph explains what Orchard offers to organizations that is unique or different from what they have.

Orchard’s expertise in Planned Giving and Estate Design (tax-wise giving) facilitates donors in making kingdom contributions much larger and longer-lasting than most imagine possible. It begins with the reality that most people have resources that parallel the image of an iceberg.

This iceberg image represents a typical person who is excited about supporting ministry for God’s kingdom growth. The 10% is the cash assets available to them. The 90% are non-cash assets available for kingdom growth, if managed wisely. These are things like public stock, private stock, real estate, business sales, IRA gifts, gift from a will.  

The term “Gift Planning” may not mean much to some of us. Joseph unpacks the meaning and value of gift planning sooner rather than later. He explains how Orchard Alliance can provide information and tools that help donors discover a plan that reflects their desire to serve God’s kingdom and follow scriptural exhortations to leave an inheritance.

We know kingdom growth is ultimately the work of the Holy Spirit. Part of his work is calling us to help resource overseas global mission work. We all yearn for fruit that lasts. Joseph explains the relative growth potential created by non-cash gifts compared to cash gifts. In a world that is rapidly changing, sound information for navigating a wise transfer of wealth is a necessity.

At the end of the interview, Kathy asks Joseph, “If you could leave us with just one thought, what would it be?” You might be surprised and empowered by his answer. Join Kathy and Joseph for a casual but informative conversation.

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