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Honor, Serve, Grow: Aninuan Christian Training School

The Aninuan Christian Training School works to educate students, not only in skills to secure their future, but also in how to grow in their faith and serve the Lord. Ben, a One Challenge mission worker, serves as the director of the school, which is part of a broader ministry called Threads of Hope.

Located on the island of Mindoro, ACTS is situated in an impoverished neighbor. Often, teenagers stop school because they need to help provide for the family and school fees can be expensive. ACTS tries to keep fees low and provide practical education for students, so when they leave the school it’s with a trade skill and the ability to further their education. Also, along with practical skills, the school points students to Christ, mentoring and discipling them in biblical principles.

Now, after four years, the school is bettering the lives of the teachers, students, and the community. Learn the history and impact of ACTS in this video.

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