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Expanding Reach of Lifeworkx in Southern Africa

Lifeworkx Africa

The mark of a transformed life is a motivated person, someone who has been profoundly impacted and desire to impact others. This is a cornerstone of what Jesus did in ministry. He came with words of invitation, miracles for the afflicted, and transformed ordinary people into powerful proclaimers of the gospel. Lifeworkx at One Challenge seeks to do the same by helping people experience the transformative power of Jesus in their identity, all for kingdom impact.

Lifeworkx Africa
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“The curriculum we use helps people engage Jesus in their life story, discover and celebrate their unique personality and inherent strengths, then connect the common themes and threads. The training focuses on how an individual’s story, design, and strengths work together for unique impact – their destiny,” says Nate, a Lifeworkx trainer.

New Horizons of Ministry

So far, Lifeworkx has operated by sending certified trainers from the U.S. around the world to hold Lifeworkx events. Now, an opportunity has arisen for Lifeworkx to hold events in South Africa and certify trainers in this new location. “South African leaders, with whom OC works, serve the Lord throughout the continent, including Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Uganda, and more.

Lifeworkx Africa

Karl, OC Africa’s director, is a part of a nationwide leader network in South Africa, and he has invited the entire network to Lifeworkx events!” says Nate.

Lifeworkx Africa

This expansion of empowering South African leaders to be Lifeworkx-certified trainers holds a twofold opportunity. First, it gives leaders more training and tools to transform communities. Second, it expands the opportunity for people in southern Africa to learn about themselves and engage with Jesus Christ.

Lifeworkx Africa

Opportunity to Partner

With new opportunity comes new financial challenges. God is writing his story, of which OC and Lifeworkx are privileged to be a part. But partnership is needed to transform leaders through Lifeworkx.

Please pray about partnering with Lifeworkx to meet this need to transform nations for Christ (designating to project # 150001) at

Lifeworkx Africa

Discover More About Lifeworkx

Curious about Lifeworkx and how you can go through the training or receive more information? Visit or read about the amazing work the team is doing around the world:

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