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Motorcycling and Christian Fellowship with CMA UK


A love for the Lord and a love for motorcycling brought 340 people from 11 countries to the English countryside. One Challenge workers Steve and Renée are members of the CMA UK (Christian Motorcycle Association), who hosted the recent 2019 annual rally of the European Motorcyclists for Christ. This is a great event for those across Europe who are interested in Christian ministry amongst motorcyclists.

Reflection on Surrender


Steve and Renée, who’s heart and ministry is in the care of others, were able to reconnect with old friends – celebrate their joys, but also walk through challenges alongside those who were grieving. Renée expresses what a blessing it was to journey with these brothers and sisters in Christ.


“What an epic revving up time! We engaged in fellowship, worship, teaching, prayer, and encouragement amidst the 340 from many nations. What a blessing to hear stories of biker ministry in various cultures,” Steve says.

The theme of the rally was “Victory in Surrender,” something Steve thought deeply on. “We’ve lived in cultures where the focus seems to be more on commitment to serving the Lord, which is good. However, it’s tempting to make that something we control; something of our own will, and not be as flexible to what the Spirit wants to grow in us and do through us,” Steve says.

It’s important to look to Jesus as an example of ultimate surrender. “A powerful example is seen in Jesus himself, when before the crucifixion he prayed, ‘not my will but Yours be done.’ For me, it’s about loosening my grip on having to be in control of things – an ongoing challenge,” Steve says.

What an amazing time to fellowship with like-minded believers and refresh a commitment in ministry to motorcyclists.

Check out a video of a similar event here:

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