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Transformation through Julia’s Hope

Experiencing transformation is at the heart of Julia’s Hope, a ministry designed to help women of all ages and backgrounds discover the hope that is in Christ Jesus. Julia’s Hope uses the original Flourish© curriculum, which is a “life skills equipping program that puts essential perspectives and practical tools in the hands of female participants of all ages.” Utilizing the basic Flourish(C) curriculum, the Julia’s Hope team adds dimensions of biblical truth to this foundational program.

Julia’s Hope is a ministry of OC Resources (OC Singapore) facilitated by OC worker Debbie alongside several women from Southeast Asia. This ministry began to help trafficked women in Southeast Asia regain their sense of personhood and identity in Christ. It’s expanded to women seeking ways to bring hope and encouragement into their own lives but also to their communities.

Julia’s Hope leadership facilitates participant trainings all over SE Asia and U.S., they train new facilitators as well. This addition to the ministry means more women will be able to receive the healing power of Christ through this curriculum. What a beautiful picture of transformed lives expanding into transformed communities. “(Trained facilitators) are poised to offer hope and encouragement to many,” Debbie says.

Collaboration Sees Ministry Expand 

After several years of ministry, the Julia’s Hope team enlisted the help of the OC Global Research Team (GRT) to determine the impact of the program. The course facilitators were not satisfied with simple feedback like “Did you enjoy this course?” They wanted to know if lives were really being changed — if transformation was taking place.

Julia's Hope

“Our Global Research Team sometimes uses the paradigm “K-A-P” to describe human change. K is Knowledge – Did our ministry impart information that became part of the knowledge base of the participant? A is Attitude – Did the participant experience Christlike change in the way they think or feel? P is Practice – Does the participant now live/do things in a more God-honoring way?” says Stephanie, a member of the GRT.

Julia's Hope

Four members of the GRT team are assisting Julia’s Hope leadership to track changes in their participants’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices. Learning objectives are being clarified, and the GRT is in the process of creating assessment tools for and with the women who give direction to this work.

Julia's Hope

“We are humbled and excited to believe that our partnership with the Julia’s Hope team positively impacts thousands of women in Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, and beyond,” Stephanie says.

Pray with One Challenge

  • Please pray for Julia’s Hope leaders as they refine the tools they are developing alongside the Global Research Team.
  • Please also pray for the Global Research team’s service to them. May they, together, witness the transformation OC believes the gospel can bring to men, and women, everywhere.
  • Pray for the Julia’s Hope team as the bring hope and encouragement to women all over the world.

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