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Celebrating C29 Granada’s New Location

“Estamos muy emocionados y agradecidos con lo que Dios ha hecho.” Or, in English: “We are very excited and grateful for what the Lord has done.”

C29 Granada

C29 GranadaCapítulo 29 Granada or Chapter 29 Granada, a church located in Granada, Spain, opened its new building this year. We, alongside the church, are praising the Lord for this new strategic location to reach more people for Christ.

Hélder Favarin pastors the church and is a member of the OC Global Alliance, sent from OC U.K.

“We’re thrilled, that after much work, we as a church – six years since we planted it – have finally inaugurated the new venue the Lord has allowed us to rent and renovate as a church,” Hélder says. “It has been an extraordinary demonstration of the Lord’s provision; beginning with the amazing gift from Faithbridge, Houston, and through the generosity of C29 Granada people and many others, including local churches in Spain and churches abroad.”
Watch this video of the renovations in progress.

The Need is Great

According to Operation World, one percent of the Spanish population consider themselves evangelical. Now C29 Granada will be in a place where they can continue to reach out to the unchurched.

The new location is in the city center and near the University of Granada, with more than 60,000 students. Less than 100 students are part of a Protestant/evangelical church.

C29 Granada
C29 Granada

“We dedicate this new place to the glory of God and to the impact of thousands of people in the years ahead,” Hélder says. “It will be used to serve our city, our Spanish/European society, and the rest of the world.”

C29 Granada

Beyond Spain

The Favarins have a thriving ministry within Spain but also throughout Europe and Brasil, where both Hélder and his wife Ana were born. We had the privilege to interview Hélder in Europe six years ago. He talks of his heart to reach out to young people and transform nations through the transformation of lives changed by Christ Jesus:

If you are interested in supporting Hélder and Ana, please contact OC and we can connect you with them. Thank you for joining us in the challenge of transforming nations … together.


If you want to test your Spanish knowledge, here’s the original article (C29 Granada inaugura nuevo espacio) written by Lola Ortiz who attends C29 Granada.

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