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Why Kairos? – Shaping a Biblical Worldview


One predominant goal of pre-field ministry is preparation. At One Challenge we “prep” mission workers in a number of ways. From fund raising strategies to the self-discovery of Lifeworkx, it’s about creating a toolbox for workers to be healthy and thriving in their respective ministries. A new tool (well, new to OC training) that OC is implementing this summer is Kairos.

What is Kairos?

According to Simply Mobilizing, “Kairos is designed to educate, inspire, and challenge Christians to meaningful participation in God’s heart for all the nations.”

The course focuses on four major areas: biblical, historical, strategic, and cultural, all using videos, reading and discussion groups to process new material together. Each area points to God’s heart for the nations and helps people see themselves and their role within the greater story God is writing.


Scott, an OC associate and a head facilitator for Kairos, says when he participated in the course, it gave him a different perspective on God and the Bible.

“I had been teaching Bible for many years. But the course significantly changed my view of God – He is passionately on a mission. It changed my view of the Bible – it not only contains verses that commands mission but is primarily a “mission” book from cover to cover, and is all about God’s mission,” Scott says.

Interweaving Kairos into OC Training

Etta, director of Pre-field Ministry at OC, chose to add Kairos to OC’s 2020 training, called CORE, at the suggestion of many within the organization and the greater OC Global Alliance. Many “OCers” are Kairos facilitators and have used the course with great success on the field of ministry.

“Kairos could serve to put our people on the same page in terms of a biblical basis and philosophy of missions,” Etta says. “It raises our eyes and captures our hearts for the unreached and less-reached peoples of the world – both across the world and in our own backyards.”


An additional factor is the course is yet another tool OC mission workers may use to mobilize the kingdom. It’s something they could facilitate with local leaders for their churches.

A Shared Heart Language

One Challenge and Kairos (or Simply Mobilizing) share a common goal – transforming nations … together.

“Kairos as a course and Simply Mobilizing as an organization strongly promote teamwork and networking, which are strong values at OC,” Scott says. “We both are focused on reaching the nations and are persuaded that the church is God’s instrument to do this. The church needs to be mobilized.”


Strategic partnering relationships is a core value for OC and the use of Kairos during training may help give a clear unified perspective. “Kairos can give us a common language to discuss strategies to reach the nations,” Etta says.

Looking Forward with Anticipation

One Challenge is excited to see how its new mission workers will respond to the Kairos course. We believe it will be a great common denominator and creative tool to help OC people be equipped for long-term ministry. Also, in turn, OC mission workers will continue to be able to mobilize the kingdom to transform nations.

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