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Global Alliance

Prayer Focus April 2020 … OC Annual Report

The OC Global Alliance – Moving Forward … Together

God is on the move in our world today! As we follow him forward together, the good news of Jesus is changing lives, inspiring global teamwork, transforming communities, and influencing nations.
The OC Global Alliance (OC-GA) is 14 mobilization centers impacting 124 countries.

This OC Annual Report represents the collaborative ministry of the OC-GA. Each one points to disciples, leaders, and groups you are helping to thrive and multiply. Thank you for joining us in the challenge through prayer!

OC Annual Report

One Challenge Global Alliance (OC GA) Established in May 2010, the OC Global Alliance is a voluntary association of OC Mobilization Centers (MC) for the purpose of sharing resources and experience to fulfill a common vision, mission, values, and strategy. The US-MC is one of the 10 founding Mobilization Center members of the Alliance, partnering together to effectively deploy people to serve on multiethnic and multinational Global Alliance ministry teams in nations around the world. For more information, see

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