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Lord, Revive Europe – the Cry of Our Heart

Revive Europe is a gathering for students and young adults who want to see the Holy Spirit bring revival to their communities, nations, and continent. This year, 3000 people from across Europe joined Revive in Karlsruhe, Germany, to be encouraged in their faith and challenged to live “on mission” in a way that invites others to know Jesus.

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“Europeans struggle with unity and fear a loss of national identity, making it a challenge to come together as God’s people to unleash a continent-wide movement of the Holy Spirit,” says Tammy, an OC worker in Italy. “God is at work throughout Europe to bring about revival, and there are many national movements happening, but Revive Europe was a leap of faith for these young people and its leaders!”

Revive Europe

Sarah Breuel is the Revive Europe Director for International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. Sarah and her husband Rene live and serve in Italy. They are sent from Sepal Brazil, a member of the OC Global Alliance. Sarah coordinated Revive Europe and spoke throughout the event. 

Revive Europe

Creating a Space for Engagement

In May 2019, the leadership of Revive approached Tammy to design and create a space for participants and full-time mission workers to engage with one another. Over 20 partnering mission agencies and ministry groups from across Europe joined to create the space together. This would be different than the “missions fair” that has been done before.

Revive Europe

“We called the area ‘Agora,’ after the community gathering place of Ancient Greece. Agora of Revive was a success!” Tammy says. “We had a bookshop, sports, coffee, blow-up couches and hundreds of cardboard seats spread around a large open space where mission workers and participants could engage with one another on a deep level. Throughout the week we offered trivia, puzzles, a ‘Spike Ball’ tournament, and even impromptu ‘open mic’ concerts.”

Revive Europe
Revive Europe

Missional Change

At Revive, the Lord gave Tammy space to listen to stories, hear concerns, pray for ministry and personal requests, and make new friends who share a heart for the kingdom.

“As a result of the time at Revive, several leaders from across Europe will begin receiving spiritual direction and prioritizing their spiritual health,” Tammy says. “Hundreds of young people attending the conference signed up for mission training and short-term experiences. Many students had their first interaction with people who are career mission workers.”

Pray with One Challenge

  • Pray for continued movement and growth among the body of Christ across Europe.
  • Pray for the hearts of young people to be more missional in their communities.
  • Pray for a revival of faith throughout the European continent.

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