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Encouragement in Europe in the Midst of the Pandemic

Over the last months, while staying at home, it may be hard to see God at work – but many around the world feel the Holy Spirit moving. Europe has been hit hard by the pandemic, but mission workers are reaching out to communities and are encouraged by stories of hope.

Food Distribution at Ten42

Ten42, located in Malaga, Spain, exists to meet the needs of its community. Typically, this looks like in-person classes, a food bank, and gatherings of all kinds. When Spain shut down due to the rise of COVID-19, Ten42 closed as well, but anticipated the chance to reopen and continue to serve the community.

Encouragement in Europe

After four weeks, Ten42 partially reopened and within three days gave food packets to 200 families, representing roughly 800 people. A team member at Ten42 says, “A highlight was seeing the overwhelming gratitude (of our members) and seeing the need for the love of Christ to shine brightly in a community that is hurting more than ever.”

Encouragement in Europe

Due to safety regulations, the interactions between the Ten42 team and members is limited. Despite the regulations, the team is working hard to be able to continue to serve. “We were able to distribute three weeks of food rations in one week,” says Emil, an OC mission worker. “It took quite a bit of work to make sure we had all the authorizations and paperwork in line to reopen.”

Encouragement in Europe

Through all of the food distribution and regulations, God is answering prayers. “During (food) distributions, we saw the answer to a long-time prayer. We had been asking God to bring men to the community center. Many came!” says Laura, OC Europe area director.

Stories of Hope

 “We recently asked a colleague, working in Europe, how going online has affected their church attendance? His reply: ‘There are more people attending church than ever!’” Laura says,  “A service typically had maybe 75 people. One Sunday, 150 people were live on the service – and during the week, there were nearly 500 views of the service!”

Encouragement in Europe

Also during this time, the Diaspora People of Europe (DPE) network is placing an emphasis on stories of hope – stories that share how God is working around us. In a recent webinar, people from all over Europe tuned in to be encouraged, share ideas, and to get a glimpse of the bigger picture.

“Many people have said they sense God is in the process of doing something big – that he is working to bring about a great harvest. Many have commented that the church needs to be prepared for the fruit God will bring through this time,” says Laura.

Pray with One Challenge

Encouragement in Europe
  • Pray people would be drawn into the arms of Christ during the COVID-19 global pandemic.
  • Pray for wisdom for the staff of Ten42. Pray for clear understanding in governmental guidelines.
  • Pray for the DPE annual consultation in September, which will be held virtually. Pray for participants, that they would be encouraged in reaching Muslims (and other unreached) in Europe with the gospel.

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