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Lifeworkx Praises the Lord in the Midst of Struggle

Lifeworkx, as a ministry tool, generally addresses the third to fourth tier of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. As COVID-19 rushed into all of our lives in 2020, the team located in Colorado began to respond to the basic physical and safety needs it saw explode in the nations where national Lifeworkx teams are located.

Many of the national Lifeworkx leaders were serving in communities that were facing the reality of starvation during the pandemic.

Provision in Uganda

In Uganda, the nation quickly enforced a national quarantine. All air travel was shut down, every non-essential business sector closed, and the government issued a 2 p.m. national curfew.


“The Lifeworkx team in Uganda is primarily teachers and pastors by vocation,” says Lifeworkx Director Nate Huntley. “Suddenly, they found themselves and their communities without incomes.”

The government in Uganda was unable to provide a social safety net, and starvation quickly became a chief concern nationwide, along with strict and brutal enforcement of national restrictions. “Several of our teammates have been hospitalized, and the wife of a teammate was murdered, all for breaking quarantine regulations,” Nate says.

Nate and the team reached out to partners and God provided. “We saw God do something amazing: $3,500 was gifted to go to Uganda for food relief as of June 1; feeding 350 people for two months!” Nate says.

Miracles in the Middle East


The Lifeworkx team saw God’s hands of provision in the Middle East as well. Nate says, “Our team leader in (a country in the Middle East) reported similar government restrictions. The government stated there would be a social safety net of wages and food assistance, but only for the 98 percent Muslim population. The remaining two percent population of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and other ethno-religious minorities would have no help.”

That two percent of the population equals 12 million people. Without government assistance, people were making devastating choices. “Our team lead there quickly saw starvation deaths set in, and many families began making the difficult choice of who in the family would partake in the ‘honor’ of sacrificial suicide to ease the burden of extreme food scarcity,” Nate says.

But God was at work! After prayer and requests for assistance, Nate and the Lifeworkx team saw gifts that were “nothing short of miraculous.” As of June 1, $11,500 was given, feeding 1,643 people for two months!

Pray with One Challenge

In the midst of this worldwide crisis, God is working miracles through ordinary people. Join in prayer with Lifeworkx.

  • Pray for the people in these (and more) Lifeworkx networks all over the world. Pray they would have enough food for the families in this devastating time.
  • Pray for more people to be drawn into the loving arms of Christ.
  • Pray for Nate and the Lifeworkx team as they seek to provide for and minister to their national leaders around the world.

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