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Coming Alongside Local Leaders

A common phrase in One Challenge is “coming alongside.” It’s at the center of the majority of OC work. Partnering with leaders and churches is important for sustainable, relevant ministry. OC workers Jeff and Robin had the opportunity to partner with a local church and local leaders and friends, Claire and Jaco.


Claire and Jaco live in a suburban city in Taiwan. It’s a farming community and has small churches scattered among the farmland. “Claire is active with arranging activities at local libraries and community centers to share special stories during significant holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter,” Jeff says. “Robin has led several of these explanations of the holidays. Claire’s focus has always been to share the gospel and hold nothing back.”

Saturday Children’s Outreach

A church not far from Claire and Jaco’s home felt the need to start a children’s outreach on Saturdays. “Claire has been working with them for a couple months, helping to teach their lesson and plan craft time,” Jeff says. “She and Jaco asked if Robin and I could come help with games for the children. The hope was that the games could be used to learn life lessons and point towards the gospel as well.”

Jeff and Robin are involved in sports ministry in Taiwan, so facilitating games was right in their skill set. Their first afternoon with the 20 kids who attended was great. “I introduced a game that pointed toward using our talents to help others and being willing to accept help from others when we need it,” Jeff says. “Claire shared an incredible flannel-graph lesson on the foolishness of thanking and worshiping an idol made by human hands.”


Jeff and Robin hope to work with this church at least once a month to help them further develop a program and to train them in how to make life and spiritual application through play and activities.

Pray with One Challenge

  • Pray the gospel is always in the forefront of this ministry and that the hearts of these children may be transformed for Christ, and in turn, so may the hearts of their parents and siblings.
  • Pray for Claire and Jaco as the continue to invest in their community and the surrounding churches.
  • Pray for Jeff and Robin as they engage with local churches and leaders through sports ministry.

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