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One Challenge Board Meets During COVID Uncertainty

“We are blessed with high-caliber, gifted board members who love one another and are passionate about the people and vision of OC.” This was President Dean Carlson’s upbeat reflection on the September 18-20 virtual OC board meeting, where twelve current and one emeritus board members, and several spouses and staff gathered.

Second Virtual Board Meeting

This was the Board’s second fully virtual board meeting – due to the pandemic. The first virtual board meeting was in March, in response to a pandemic that was just beginning to unfold. The consensus again was it worked well to see one another on the screen and conduct business.

virtual oc board meeting

The Board had a special meeting also in April, between semi-annual meetings, to monitor closely how OC was navigating the pandemic with travel and visa permits remaining a major hurdle. The Board was pleased with the diligence and creativity of mission personnel ministering in what has come to be known as a VUCA environment (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity). After two successive virtual meetings, the Board hopes to meet in person again March 25-27, 2021 in Colorado Springs.


The meeting was marked by strong relationships between Board and staff and shared concern for the well-being of OC workers amidst the pandemic. Noted throughout the meetings were the many indicators of God’s gracious hand on the mission during these unprecedented times.

virtual oc board meeting

Due to the above mentioned VUCA environment, a small task force composed of three board members and one OC Vice-President planned and facilitated a broad risk assessment process during its September meeting envisioning a range of scenarios OC may face in the months ahead. This risk management process included the identification and prioritization of risks followed by the implementation of risk mitigation practices. The Board is pleased with the way many risk-mitigation practices have already been initiated and will continue to monitor multiple aspects of our ministry reality as OC seeks to advance the Kingdom wisely but boldly in diverse situations.

The Board also further discussed the refinement of OC’s five “ends” statements, with a view to make them easier to measure. The President’s report highlighted how OC is navigating the pandemic, the well-being of OC workers, and how OCers are maximizing this opportunity to accelerate ministry innovation and collaboration within the OC Global Alliance. Ray Sanford gave an update on the 5-year Strategic Plan (2015-2020).

New Board Member

The Board celebrated outgoing member Dawn Grove, who has served ably and wisely on the Governance and Nominating Committee. They voted to accept Scott Lee as the newest board member. Scott has been a long-time OC donor with a deep heart for missions. He and his wife Ann live in Florida where Scott works as a financial advisor. His professional experience along with his community and ministry involvement will be a great contribution to the OC Board.

Dean concludes, “We enjoyed our time together made possible by virtual means. I personally feel so supported and affirmed by the Lord, and truly love these folks. They provide godly and effective covering to OC and add momentum to OC’s global ministry.”

Who is currently on the OC Board?

Meet the current OC Board of Directors on this related web page.

Role of Board of Directors

The main role of the Board of Directors is to secure the future of the organization. This means positioning the ministry for the greatest long-term contribution to the fulfillment of the Great Commission. The Board accomplishes this through the stewarding of adequate resources (finances, personnel, etc.) and through the provision of strategic leadership.

The Board acts as trustees on behalf of the “owners” or “stakeholders” of the mission, such as those who support the mission in prayer and finances, including local churches, individuals, and foundations. Additional stakeholders would be the churches in the nations where One Challenge ministers, the mission workers sent by OC, and the employees. The Board’s obligation is to act on behalf of these stakeholders.

Unique to our governance structure, the One Challenge Board sees itself as first responsible to God as the primary ‘owner’ of our mission. To this end, they are committed to prayer and seeking God’s direction in the carrying out of their responsibilities. Essentially, the Board is the bridge between those to whom the Board is accountable, the “owners,” and those who are accountable to the Board, the President and his staff.

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