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Spiritual Formation

Discovering Our Identity in Jesus: Episode 2-The True Vine

Discovering Our Identity in Jesus

Jesus is the true vine. 

The vine is the strong, sturdy, woody part of the plant. In the resting season of growth, the branches are all cut off and the vine remains. The vine is constant, eternal. The vine is the source of life for the branches. The vine yields the fruit.  

In this new series of video blogs (or “vlogs”), we explore some of the “I am” statements of Jesus by answering two questions: Who is Jesus? and Who are we?

Engaging with the Vlog: An Invitation to Pay Attention

Listen to the words, especially the words of Scripture. 

  • Which words stand out to you? You might want to jot those words down to help you remember.
  • As you hear the words Vine and Branches, what images come to mind?
  • What reaction do you have to Jesus being called the True Vine, and us being identified as branches? 
  • Do you have any knowledge or experience of the workings of a vineyard? 

Close your eyes and see what images you recall from the video.

  • What, if any, images do you remember from the video?
  • What words can you use to describe the images that drew your attention?
  • How have you experienced Jesus as the True Vine?
  • What is the invitation for you in being a “branch”?

I would love to engage with you further, if it would be of value to you. If you’d like to leave a public comment, please do so below.

If you’d like to connect with me personally, you may do so in an email to

Resources to Continue Your Reflection

I created a guided meditation of John 15:1-11 that is available in PDF format to download. If you do download a digital copy, please let me know in an email, so we can engage in the meditation together.  

Blessings on you, dear one. 

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