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Release, Rest, and Renewal at PEP 2021

After an uncertain year and a half, the Lord blessed the One Challenge family with a meaningful retreat week in the Colorado mountains filled with rest and renewal.

PEP summer retreat

Although OC’s Personnel Enrichment Program (PEP) is a common occurrence in the OC world (representing the value of care for our workers), this summer it felt particularly needed. The retreat time together provided an opportunity for the release of grief and loss many OC mission workers experienced in 2020 and 2021.

Days were filled with both laughter and tears – representing the complicated emotions that accompany serving the Lord overseas. Morning sessions pointed participants to the Lord and provided opportunities to release grief and burdens at the cross. Small group times were filled with debriefing, sharing in each other’s joy and sorrows. Plenty of free time allowed for rest, hiking, biking, fellowship, and fun.

Looking for a retreat getaway so the environment promotes rest, the group was blessed to be at the Glen Eyrie Retreat Center. Wonderfully tucked away in the mountains near Colorado Springs, the environment showcased the beauty of nature and the glory of the Lord.

PEP summer retreat

Despite the added challenges of COVID, everyone loved being in person, coming together amid a difficult year. What a blessing to be the family of God caring for one another!

PEP summer retreat

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  • Ina Heinrichs says:

    I am so pleased that this is still going on. I remember the early days in Santa Clara and Milpitas when it was such a joy to meet the missionaries and attend some
    of the sessions. The workshops were wonderful, and the shenanigans of Chuck Holsinger and Steve and Bonnie
    Aldrich always kept the participants entertained. It sounds like it is still what every furlough needs to include. God bless you all!

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