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Leadership: Better Together – In Person!

One Challenge, like many, has had a long year and a half of online ministry and meetings. Although the blessing of technology has kept people connected and ministry on going, there is no substitute for being together face-to-face. For the first time in two years, OC Area Directors (ADs) gathered in Colorado for a week of leadership meetings. At the end of the week the OC Board and the ADs combined for a time together.

Area Directors – Current Challenges and Future Realities

OC Area Directors are used to virtual meetings, as they serve all over the world. However, in typical years, they meet face-to-face at least twice per year.

area directors and board

“This was our first in-person meeting in two years,” says David B., Vice President of Global Ministries. “Research indicates that for maximum effectiveness, virtual teams should have face-to-face meetings at least once per year. It was great to simply be together, and that made for more effective discussion of the important matters at hand.”

Many important topics were covered in the week. Discussions included moving forward in the continued complication of the COVID-19 pandemic, to looking ahead toward 2022 ministry objectives and the next global leadership conference.

area directors and board

“These meetings helped us understand where OC is today as the global pandemic continues, and to identify priorities as we step into another calendar year that will be affected by pandemic realities,” David says. “We also looked into some longer-range possibilities for future consideration.”

OC Board – Business and Celebration

When the OC Board met at the end of the week, both the Board and ADs were able to stay at the conference center together. This enriched the experience, as meals and downtime allowed for deeper connection.

area directors and board

“From the Board’s perspective, this was a very special gathering: it was face-to-face, overnight at a common venue, and simultaneous with AD team meetings,” says Dean Carlson, One Challenge President. “This Board is deeply connected in kingdom friendships, and they love OC leaders/members. To come together in this way provided a dynamic opportunity to deepen existing friendships, meet new board members and field leaders, be moved by God-stories, gain a sense of the challenges faced on OC’s fields, and pray together for OC’s people and mission.”

area directors and board

Combined meetings don’t happen every year, and with the added dynamic of COVID, these meetings highlighted a shared devotion between the Board and OC leaders.

“We’re experiencing the efficiency of ‘high trust’ relationships and the benefits of strong unity across the mission,” Dean says. “God met with us, moved hearts, and honored his name through personal conversations at meals/breaks and through formal interaction during the sessions. Board members expressed how blessed they were by the experience and look forward to the next combined meetings in September 2023.”

Of course, business was attended to, with approval of the 2021/22 budget and other financial matters. Also, four outgoing Board members were celebrated, and three new Board members welcomed.

Pray with One Challenge

One Challenge and its workers need continued prayer. Please join us!

area directors and board
  • Pray for wisdom for One Challenge leaders and the OC Board.
  • Pray for resilience and health for OC’s workers.
  • Pray for the Board as they incorporate three new board members and for OC leadership as several transitions are underway.
  • Pray for OC’s culture of innovation to continually unleash creative ministry approaches and positive organizational changes as we adapt to our fast-changing world.
  • Pray for clarity as we seek to understand how the Lord would have OC best encourage and steward the seasoned workers who have or will relocate to the USA.
  • We praise the Lord for the quality of new workers that the Lord is bringing to OC; and pray for many more long-term workers to serve OC USA and OC-GA teams.

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