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Fun and Fruitful Ministry in Guatemala

After two years impacted by COVID, more countries are opening. All over OC’s world it is exciting to resume in-person ministry events. Sepal, OC ministry in Guatemala, ran two evangelistic events for children and youth – one in the rainforests of Petén and the other in the region of Sololá, near Lake Atitlan.


Misael Lopez and Luis Gilbert led an incredible, weeklong vacation Bible school in the northern rainforests of Petén. “During the VBS the theme we seven teachers focused on was the fruit of the Spirit,” says Joshua, One Challenge mission worker serving in Guatemala. “I watched with amazement and delight as members of this VBS crew invested in the lives of these at-risk children.”

Many of the young people attending live along roadways ruled by activities ranging from trafficking to agriculture to immigration. “The Holy Spirit penetrated a few hearts as they received the message about Jesus Christ being their one true Ruler,” Joshua says.

Lakeside Evangelism

In the region of Sololá, the team, led by Jaime Lopez and Luis Gilbert, worked energetically to plant God’s Word in the hearts of preteen youth. “The kids loved it when Luis came out wearing his big floppy shoes, colorful hat, and cherry red nose,” Joshua says. “Luis as a clown to helped drive home an impactful message from a loving Dad.”


Balloon animals, a meal, and more fun rounded out the activities of the weeklong event.

“We’re excited to see how God uses these programs to produce long-term fruit,” Joshua says.

Pray with One Challenge

  • Pray for the young ones who took first steps in their relationship with the Lord.
  • Pray for Misael, Jamie, Luis, Joshua, and others as they continue to reach out in Guatemala.
  • Pray for more opportunities to share the gospel to youth and their families.

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